Thursday, February 11, 2010

Avatar brings new nightmare: Star Wars in 3-D

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"Avatar" can count one impressive fan amongst their legions: George Lucas, the creator of the "Star Wars" saga.

"I'm happy it's so successful, and worked very well in 3D," Lucas explained to Access Hollywood about "Avatar".

"I haven't been a big fan of 3D, but that movie definitely improves in [the field of] 3D."

Attention Star Wars geeks: here it comes, get ready for it....

"We've been looking for years and years and years of trying to take Star Wars and put it in 3D ... But, the technology hasn't been there. We've been struggling with it, but I think this will be a new impetus to make that happen."

Oh the agony.

So, I'm a huge fan of "Star Wars" (huge fan doesn't even describe it as my wife says over my shoulder) but I'll be the first to admit that George Lucas is a one-trick-pony.

Lucas soon discovered the harsh reality of criticism after eager fans endured the horrific "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" - Lucas' name recognition would not shield him from intense scrutiny and bad reviews.

But as Lucas admits, they've been trying for years, to find ANOTHER way to re-tool, re-package and re-sell his original Star Wars stories. After using CGI to recreate and redesign scenes, now Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie will battle the empire in 3-D.

Why not emulate James Cameron by creating a NEW story?

No, if it were Lucas, he'd be shouting how he's now working on bringing the original Terminator series in 3-D.

Lucas is an incredibly skilled technician but Cameron has proved that he's a far superior filmmaker and story teller.

It's a shame that the "Star Wars" series will suffer from more tinkering instead of new ideas.

To quote by 13-year-old son (Zach): it'd be cool to see them in the theater, but 3-D sounds like a bad idea.

That's my boy!

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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