Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr President, please stop blaming everyone else for the economy

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There is not an ounce of leadership coming out of the mouth our President these days. Speaking last night at a Democratic fundraiser, where families paid $15,000 to have their picture taken with the celebrity President, Mr Obama defended his economic record and said problems in Europe were affecting the U.S. and still blaming the Bush administration.

‘We do have a serious problem in terms of debt and deficit, and much of it I inherited,’ Mr Obama said

Yep, “inherited” – translation: It was Bush’s fault.

Even though President Obama was in the Senate before campaigning and then taking the lead on the TARP Bill – it was Bush’s fault.

It was Bush’s fault that the $700 billion Stimulus did nothing but add to the debt balance sheets.
It was Bush’s fault that President Obama submitted budgets with $1-3.5 trillion dollar deficits?
Well, let’s be fair…he goes on to blame Europe.

‘What’s absolutely true, even before these last couple days in the stock market, is that recovery wasn’t happening fast enough,’ he said. ‘When you have problems in Europe and in Spain and in Italy and in Greece, those problems wash over into our shores.’

So again, after getting the greenlight to spend, spend, spend with the elevated debt ceiling, the President continues to lay the foundation of blame and accusations.

So, much for leadership….and I thought the last guy was bad.

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