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End Doesn't Justify the Means: Obama, the Train & Gay Marriage

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The current political landscape is the arguably the most intrusive in our history. The President marches into Tampa to announce that a high-speed railway will be built and his $8 billion dollars will help make it happen. Meanwhile, on the other coast, a Federal judge will decide whether to overturn the State court ruling and the will of the people on Proposition 8, a ban on the recognition of gay marriage.

Over the last five years or so, the Florida railway amendments and funding proposals have all failed. The lack of interest coupled with the lack of funding have not been salvaged by the President's reallocation of Federal tax revenue.

There is only $2-3 billion available for the project from Florida taxpayers, so the plan is merely halfway funded. Additionally, critics have been vocal that the plan proposes NO station for Lakeland or downtown Orlando leaving many individuals and business disadvantaged.

By the way, that $25 billion dollar price tag is the same figure used in 2004 -- anyone think that's accurate?

It doesn't matter what voters support, the impact on the Florida Department of Transportation, or the unanswered questions of the remaining billions - Obama rides into town with promises, articulates campaign rhetoric and gives a mandate from up high.

Meanwhile, a couple of thousand miles away in California, a US Supreme court stands to undo the California Supreme Court ruling that maintained the validity of Prop 8 and the people's right to determine the legal recognition of a marriage contract.

See the issue is the State's right to recognize a legal binding contract, however it's defined, but this would require an amendment to the state constitution. There is no prevention of entering into a contract, a homosexual marriage, but the state recognition of that contract is what's disputed.

So now the debate turns to blame as supporters are now blaming the failure in California on the religious right and the bigoted voters.

Yes, in California.

The same California that the LA Times, Pew Research Center and others have all proclaimed to be less religious, lax on religion, etc...(compared to the other states) has orchestrated a smear campaign rooted in hatred, bigotry and discrimination. That includes the 53% of Latino voters and 70% of blacks which were more "intolerant" that the 50% of white voters.

As absurd is it sounds, the Supreme Court ruling would undo the State Court, the entire State Constitutional process, the voting process and the voice of the people.

Government intrusion is "okay" if it's something you support.

The railway supporters are thrilled with the President's assistance, but would they have felt this way had President Bush arrived in Florida to fund offshore oil drilling?

Would the citizens of California support a reversal of 2003's failed Prop 54, Racial Privacy Initiative. Under the same guise of prejudices, the Californians have to acknowledge Prop 54 because of judicial ruling undoing over 5.5 million voters.

Californians spent $83 million on the debate which lasted over six months, but Prop 8 failed. The appropriate response would be to adjust the debate, the presentation, address the concerns etc...and reintroduce the amendment.

Just as the President perceives "he knows what is best for us", so goes the Californians supporting a measure for a judge to overturn our constitutional process.

No Lakeland or Orlando Stations for Fl. Railway:

2004 Failed amendment for Fl. railway:

LA Times: California Less Religious than rest of country:

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Obama State of Union pandering and Campaign Speech

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The sixth longest State of the Union address in our history was 71 minutes of muddled promises, political rhetoric and campaign speak. President Obama attempted to appease his leftist base with more promises to bring the troops home from Iraq and end "Don't Ask Don't Tell" -- haven't we heard that before?

Meanwhile, tax cuts, offshore oil drilling and support for small business were all part of the pandering to the right, or atleast, the moderates. The President is floundering in the middle of one problem after another and appears to not have any solutions, just another speech.

While having filibuster proof majorities in the House and the Senate, the President's lack of leadership couldn't unite the Democrats on health care as some leftists feel abandoned.

The State of the Union address continued the partisan "Blame Bush First" divide that Obama has used time and time again. There is nothing unifying about labelling opposing view points, opinions or proposals as "obstructionist" and part of the problem.

As a climax to a week long build-up, the President proclaims nearly $500 billion in cuts/frozen spending over three years, but of course, he negates to mention the Congressional expansion of spending by $1.9 trillion.

Stop treating Americans like we're stupid: save $200 billion so you can spend $1.9 trillion ?!?!

While many Americans question the direction of our foreign policy and the handling of terrorists, the President focused on gays in the military.

There's a huge divide in this country between the two parties, between the people and their leaders and between the President's words and his actions.

Let's hope that this is what is CHANGED in 2010.

Obama Pic: NY Times

Read full transcript of speech:

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New Virgina Gov will get the Spotlight - What are Republicans thinking?

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Maybe I'll be wrong here, but this stinks of a missed opportunity.

Newly elected Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be delivering the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address.

While the newly elected McDonnell may be high profile in Virginia, he hardly garners the attention of this high profile address.

John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader declared McDonnell was selected for his "common-sense economic policies in stark contrast to Washington Democrats’ job-killing agenda."

So his rhetoric is being promoted as the Republican platform proving once again the "right-wing" in Washington are still clueless.

This is the perfect opportunity for Jim DeMint or John Thune, or another potential 2012 candidate to move into the spotlight. Scott Brown achieved a noteworthy celebrity status after the victory in Massachusetts, now it's time to push a REAL Conservative into the limelight.

The momentum from the Brown win could be perpetuated from a solid, strong voice of fiscal conservatism, reductions in spending, reductions in taxation, and a strong illustration of the economic failures of this Democratic leadership.

Passing that baton to a newly elected Republican Governor indicates the politics and NOT the issues are more important to John Boehner and the Republicans in Washington.

Bristol adding another chapter to the Palin Soap Opera

Bristol Palin's abstinence, child support renew the soap opera
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posted Jan 25, 2010 10:06 AM by Brandon Jones

Filing for child support, announcing her renewed chastity on Oprah and vowing not to make the same mistake twice, Bristol Palin again graces headlines heading into the crosshairs of new attacks.

She was mocked on "The View" by Joy Behar1 as headlines describe her: "Ho Sit Down: Bristol Palin preaching abstinence now"2

Unfortunately, like her mother, Bristol is a magnet for the spotlight, seemingly enjoying the attention. TMZ has confirmed Palin is seeking $1,750 per month in child support from Levi Johnston who recently cashed in on a Playgirl photo spread.

Anyone else feel like we're witnessing a cable reality show?

Sarah resigns to spend more time with the family, only to embark on a book tour reaping the cash rewards of her celebrity status. Mother Palin inks a lucrative deal to join FOX leaving the 19-year-old to endure single motherhood on her own.

Of course ex-boyfriend, now Playgirl centerfold model, will have to pony up some cash to keep Bristol free to tour the talking heads, cable networks and gossip magazines to perpetuate her pathetic psuedo-celebrity status.

"I have this big, supportive family and stuff, but I just felt so alone," Bristol proclaims during the Oprah interview.


This "stuff" hasn't stopped poor, stressed Bristol from setting up a PR firm as Hot Air reports. Public relations and damage control certainly needs to be a focus for the Palin family.
The Palin soap opera could replace the Kardashians leaving few of us surprised. Instead of political integrity, gaining political capital, Sarah Palin will be marred be these antics.

We can only be hopeful that this is the ceiling of aspirations for Sarah, Bristol and the rest of the clan.



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Going Green can hurt relationships

The NY Times' Leslie Kaufman writes "therapists say they are seeing a rise in bickering between couples and family members over the extent to which they should change their lives to save the planet."

Stress over environmentalism, going Green, global warming and similar issues are causing "green lines" in the sand and destroying relationships. Carbon footprints have become more important than walks together.

The moral guilt associated with one's lifestyle and the environment has begun to trump our interpersonal relationships. The Al Gore induced obsession with humans destroying the planet can, according to this NY Times article, really pose separations and even divorce between couples/families.

Speaking from personal experience, I've witnessed the stress first hand.

The husband of a couple close to my family had purchased a new Toyota Hybrid weeks before the air conditioning went out on the spouse's older model Ford. Now, life in central Florida dictates A/C to be a necessity rather than a luxury for several months out of the year.

At this time, the couple has a young infant, yet the husband refused to handover his hybrid with functional A/C and even more disturbing, refused to run the air for himself.

I can't speak to whether he rolled down the windows (don't even get me started on how that effects the gas mileage) but I can confess to seeing the large sweat stains on his back after driving.

Needless to say, this didn't set well with the Misses and their tax refund provided the needed $1500 to repair her car.

As I reflected on this story with my wife, she reminded me of their bigger fight over his recycling clutter and garbage in their small home. This battle raged on for weeks before his admirable recycling campaign was relocated outside.

I personally believe we need to be good stewards of this amazing planet, but this "Cult of Environmentalism" has escalated the campaign into an aggressive, guilt filled rage against any of us that don't "toe the line."

The therapist in the aforementioned article notes: "The danger arises when one partner undergoes an environmental ‘waking up’ process way before the other, leaving a new values gap between them"

Sounds like the claims when one member of the couple or family finds religious salvation or some other spiritual epiphany.

Maybe it's a cult religion after all.

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Why Air America Failed

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In the wake of Air America's funeral - the pending chapter 7 bankruptcy, it seems appropriate to evaluate why they failed...why liberal radio talk shows fail.


NPR is better. The leftist bias is present at NPR but is not as flaming, enraged and not distracting from the actual content. Air America never crawled out of there shadow.

Blame Game

You can't blame George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove for three hours, five days a week with little else to offer. The Republicans were hypocrites, abandoning their ideals and their base. Air America wasted most of their programming name calling, banging the anti-war drum and not honestly criticizing Democrats or the Clinton administration.

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert & Comedy Central

Yes I'm blaming them too.

The Daily Show's version of the news is far more entertaining and digestible than the vile and vitriol from the Air America hosts. Most conservative radio listeners are older, have families, children, busy lifestyles, are readers and will commit time to factcheck information. Air America didn't cater to this demographic and younger audiences prefer the satiric version on comedy central.

The financial ruins of Air America are not due to "tough economic times" but rather endless horrible ratings. Al Franken reported once that a payroll checked didn't clear - that was before the 2008 Wall Street collapse.

Inexperienced radio hosts, bad business decisions and a hollow message prevented the liberal radio network from blossoming. Air America was insignificant in the grand scheme of news and pop culture. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck made headlines NOT Randi Rhodes.

I really have enjoyed the opposing opinions and different perspectives, particularly Rachel Maddow. Of course, she's following the MSNBC trap and emulating Keith Olbermann laterly instead of learning from the failed Air America model.

Air America Cartoon published at, 2006

Saturday, January 23, 2010

President Obama's failures

Let's be clear that this list would look nearly identical if we were reflecting on the McCain administration. The differences between those two candidates were nominal in many ways and America would likely have seen similar "Big Government" mistakes with another Republican administration.

Foreign Policy & the Apology Tour

After several speeches (and a couple of submissive bows)a humble President attempted to appeased world leaders that resent America, but found little change in sentiment. Many countries see us weaker and more vulnerable now than under President Bush, even though they despise Obama less.

Intrusive Government

The fall of 2008 marked a coming together of both parties, both McCain and Obama, President Bush's administration and the treasury to unite in a financial spending and intrusion unlike anything in our history. The stimulus spending, takeover of GM/Chrysler, IMF contributions, payouts for terrorists and now health care all illustrate President Obama envisions a large, massive federal government to moderate its citizens.

Ignoring the People

Poll after poll have illustrated the people do not support a government takeover of health care. Townhall meetings, Tea Party protests and Independent voters have been marginalized and demeaned. Information is so widely accessible, yet our politicians still treat the populous as a gaggle of middle-schoolers.

Broken Transparency Promises

Broken promises and campaign rhetoric have even awaken loyal Democratic supporters to the lack of debate, closed door deals and sellouts to big business, big pharma, and others. Bills were promised to be available for days before votes yet thousands of pages of legislature has been passed without being read.


Dithering over troop deployment to Afghanistan angered supporters of the war and ultimately betrayed the anti-war supporters. McCain would have had an "all in" aggressive campaign which may or may not have had any better focus or results.

Bankers, Insurance Companies, & Auto Workers are Voters Too

Demonizing businesses at every turn as well as outright penalizing them justly and unjustly has cost the President some serious political support. It will always be easy for a politicians to vilify some enigmatic figure at a large corporation while ignoring the government's responsibility or corruption in Congress.

Teleprompter reliant

President Obama is arguably the most dynamic speech giver in our history...WITH a teleprompter. When he's "off the cuff" we stutters, staggers into a dull, drab and ineffective manner. As this curtain as been pulled back, we've discovered he's not a gifted orator, but more of a professional motivational speech giver.


Months after trying to send a hundred or so Gitmo prisoners to Yemen for release, the Yemeni terrorist group struck on Christmas nearly killing hundreds, if not thousands. Janet Napolitano and the President did little to show Americans they are serious about fighting "man-made violence" with "overseas contingency plans."

Not a Unifier at all

Probably one of the biggest disappointments is the divisive nature of the White House and the endless blame game. The Democrats had total, absolute control of Congress and the endless in-fighting couldn't even be quelled. Americans saw through this facade as they tried to blame the Republicans as obstructionists.

A year later we are witnessing all of the mistakes of the Bush administration with a new added desire for a European style socialism. The economy's collapse is not been squelched, but prolonged by endless government spending.

Unfortunately as we look ahead, we see the same old faces, games, rules and end games.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Year Later

After receiving 66% of the vote in Massachusetts in the 2008 Presidential election, President Obama just witnessed a Republican win the Senate seat held for over forty years by the late Ted Kennedy.

Martha Coakley, the Democrat candidate had won the office of Attorney General with 73% of the vote. The Massachusetts seat is the latest to fall after Republican victories in Virgina and New Jersey (and a near win in New York) special elections.

So why has the tide shifted so quickly?

The President's policies are much, much further left than populist opinion.

As many, manny have already asserted, I believe that the administration misinterpretted the election of President Obama as a mandate for left-leaning, socialism ideals and it was not.

There was a mandate against the George W. Bush policies, but Obama has perpetuated many of the same problems despite blaming the previous administration.

The President will not be judged by his intentions, but by his results and the results have not been positive.

Another area of frustration for both party members is the continued lack of unity. President Obama thought and campaigned on putting partisan politics aside and yet there have been instances of heightened exclusion. He overestimated his ability to bring the parties together, in part, by using "campaign speak" and accusations of obstruction rather than negotiate.

Some stats:

54 percent of Americans disapprove of his economic policy, an opinion probably influenced by the 62 percent disapproval rating on our skyrocketing budget deficit. (CNN poll)

51 percents of Americans approve of his foreign policy and 53 percent approve of his handling of the Iraq War. (CNN poll)

59 percent of Americans currently disapprove of so-called "Obamacare." (CNN poll)

A recent Gallup poll indicates that Americans are less sure that Obama will be able to accomplish his goals in almost every area

One year later we are facing similar problems with different faces in the White House. As I have proclaimed, the practical differences between the two parties is "political language" NOT executed policy changes.

One year we have a bigger, more instrusive federal government and the only difference is the letter after most of the names.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why a Brown victory may not be reason to rejoice

If, and I emphasize if and not when, Scott Brown wins the Senate seat in Massachusetts, the Republicans will have a lot to celebrate. Overcoming a snowy, rainy voting day will be coupled with a heavy liberal voting constituency.

Of course Scott Brown will be rejoiced by Conservatives and the talking heads will announce the tide has shifted, but I offer a moment to hesitate.

Brown is NOT a Constitutional Conservative.

He's a pro-choice, proud supporter of "Romney-Care", which is quickly failing and racking up massive debt for the Massachusetts' taxpayers. Brown has a great image, a strong military record and has never run from his risque photo spread to help cover his Boston College law tuition.

I agree that Brown is a decent candidate, but mostly compared to his hollow, thoughtless, dishonest liberal competitor. Attorney General Martha Coakley has proven to be a horrible candidate and President Obama delivered arguably his worse speech to date trying to stump for her.

Having a Republican in a seat occupied by Ted Kennedy for over 45 years does appear to be shocking. This election could eliminate the Democratic supermajority in the Senate and could slow the health care reform bills.

But Brown, like Romney, supports government invention in Massachusetts health care, which proves that the form of "Big Government" and the partisanship matters more than a pure conservative interpretation of the Constitution.

I have to be hesitant of a candidate who feels that we MUST buy health insurance and support big government monitoring, policing and taxing constituents accordingly. Sure, he claims to NOT support the current Obamacare bills, but like Mitt Romney, Brown dodges strong stances and provides only the same rhetoric.

So avoid the ticker tape parade and FOX celebrations if Scott Brown wins. It may be signal of the tide changing, but not worthy of hysterical festivities that Sean Hannity will exalt upon his viewership.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Media provide Damage Control for Democratic Scandals

Rich Noyes present an excellent timeline and analysis of how the media sheltering Harry Reid from criticism and ultimately "morphed the story from one of an embarrassing racial gaffe by the Senate's top Democrat into one about Republican over-reach in going after Reid"

This is a summary of Noyes timeline:

Day 1: TROUBLE -- CBS anchor Jeff Glor calls it "a controversial remark [that] is shaking the political world."

Day 2: SUNDAY FODDER -- ABC's Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos sounded like a Reid shill: "This was a private conversation....His choice of words, obviously, was unfortunate. The Senator knows that."

PBS anchor Judy Woodruff relayed the White House line: "This is the Mormon from Searchlight [Nevada] with an ear of tin and a heart of gold."

Day 3: CIRCLE THE WAGONS -- NBC's Andrea Mitchell calls Reid's remark "demeaning" of Obama which was met with PBS host Gwen Ifill "I don't understand what's demeaning"

Harold Ford, Jr.: "I don't believe in any way that Harry Reid had any animus, racial animus."

DAY 4: ANNOUNCE IT'S OVER -- CBS's Early Show, co-host Harry Smith was itching to be done with the controversy: "Is the Reid story over, and should it be?"

At this point the debate turns on Republicans, who are being "too critical" of Reid and playing partisan politics.

Maybe so.

Let's look to another story that the media are ignoring: John Edwards has been caught cheating AGAIN.

We have to rely on the National Enquirer to report on the most recent affair with Stephanie Breshears.

Edwards relations with Rielle Huner resulted in a child who turns two in February. The Presidential candidate's infidelities have occurred while his spouse Elizabeth battles cancer.

Let's be fair, where's the coverage of Mark Sanford, whose wife filed for divorce in December. The only recent story I could find was that the official "rebuke" of Sanford has been delayed. This FOX story describes the rebuke as "the two-term Republican was derelict in his duty and abused his power. It has no practical effect on the final year of Sanford's tenure."

Conservatives toss around "liberal media" and "media bias" to often but this is the unfair reporting and handling of stories that drives such accusations. Democrats get a pass on racial insensitive comments while Republicans would be demonized or forced out of office. Family values and hypocrisy will fill the headlines describing an unfaithful Conservative, but someone like Edwards faces no such scrutiny.

Many of us don't care about their party - I want them out. It's so incredibly frustrating that Mark Sanford is still the governor of South Carolina.

The corruption, dishonesty and abuse of power is at the nucleus of problems with the political landscape. If the media cannot or will not provide that "fourth rail" to aid us in gathering information then they should be rewarded the same way -- put out of business.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Liberals feuding over Haiti?

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Jon Stewart of Comedy Central rarely ever spar. This last Thursday was an exception to the rule as Stewart mentioned Maddow's poorly timed jab as the Bush administration:

"The idea of more diplomacy and development -- the idea of more USAID power -- is a major part of the Obama administration's agenda," Maddow said. "... All of that, central to what the Obama administration says it wants to do differently than what Bush and Cheney did."

After Stewart mentions leaving ideology out of the Haiti reporting the Maddow clip concludes leaving Stewart to announce: "Not the right time."

He then mocked Maddow, her audience and the network:

"Congratulations MSNBC viewers -- you're on the right side of this terrible, terrible tragedy"

Of course, that could and should be the end of it, right?


Not on MSNBC -- Maddow replies on her show:

"I know that's politics, but, listen, I love me some Jon Stewart and the "Daily Show." I'm a big fan, but no apologies for reporting on which agency is the lead to respond to our national efforts to respond to Haiti, whether or not that agency is well-resourced, whether it had been subject to partisan attacks, how much the current administration values and prioritizes and indeed brags on that agency. We all as Americans are counting on our government to do a good job in responding to this catastrophe. This is what it looks like to report on our government's capacity to do just that.

Unfortunately the partisanship was brought to the table by you Rachel Maddow. Everyone knows the shortcomings of the previous administration, we don't need it highlighted right now. Did you mention how the local Democratic leadership in New Orleans failed their citizens during Katrina compared to Mississippi?

Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding President Obama using the disaster in Haiti is as deplorable as Danny Glover blaming global warming, but while we are still in the search and rescue phase political ideology could be checked at the door.

Danny Glover clip on GlitTV

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Latest Obama tax to be passed along to you

This week the President spoke on his intentions to punish banks to recoup TARP funds and stop excessive bonuses. President Obama pleased the masses as he demonized bank executives in an effort to collect $90 billion over the next ten years.

Why is there a shortfall? Simple, from the GM, Chrysler, AIG deals that have yielded nothing in return as well as the banks that have folded without returning any government funds.

The first fact that Americans need to understand: companies are NOT taxed, only individuals because all corporate taxation is passed onto the consumer.

Translation: President Obama and Congressional Democrats are about to levy a $90 billion tax on our bank accounts and transactions.

FOX News reports:

Goldman Sachs borrowed approximately $10 Billion
Goldman Sachs paid back $11.1 Billion
Goldman Sachs has paid back 100% of loan plus interest.
Goldman Sachs will be subject to the Obama Bank Tax

General Motors borrowed approximately $85 Billion
General Motors has paid back only $3.5 Billion
General Motors still owes over $80 Billion
General Motors will NOT be subject to Obama’s Tax

Is Obama an enemy of bankers, banking or their practices?

Of course not. Robert Rubin, the famous banker from Citigroup sits at his right hand as an advisor. Countless individuals through the administration and the treasury are from Goldman Sachs and other banking entities.

This is classic "good cop - bad cop" tactics to tax Americans.

ATM fees, banking fees, transaction fees, overlimit fees, bounced check fees -- anywhere a bank can pass along their portion of this $90 billion is where it'll hit you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I struggled to identify with President Obama? Liberals: Please help.

Why I struggled to identify with President Obama? Liberals: Please help.

In 2004 Barack Obama gave a stunning and inspiring speech to support Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry. Obama's questionable comments and voting record in the Illinois State Senate were accompanied with a non-descript voting record during his tenure in the Congress.

I was left with an impression of an inexperienced politician and leader with amazing public speaking skills.

After reading both of President Obama's books by February 2008, I was left with more uncertainties than enthusiasm. The campaign against Hillary Clinton was heating up and the fervor during the European trip surprised me.

Barack Hussein Obama was officially a Pop Culture icon, not just a politician.

Despite abandonment by his father, he felt committed to dedicate a novel to his Dad. Likewise, the President's faith came into scrutiny after a twenty year stint under the leadership of Reverend Wright and Wright's extreme anti-American sentiment.

So a year after being in office, I feel more estranged than ever from the President.

Larry King this week interviewed the President's brother from Kenya, George Obama. George was arrested a year ago for possession of marijuana1, so it's not totally surprising that the President does not have a close relationship with his sibling.

However, during the interview with King, George revealed he hadn't seen Barack since 2006 and is not "really" in contact with the President. Now by Kenyan standards, the elder Obama is filthy rich and I'd expect more empathy and support for his sibling. Larry King Video:

As I mentioned, after spending twenty years at the Trinity United Church under his self described mentor, Reverend Wright, the President has spent the last year not stepping into a church regularly. Aside from a memorial service or a speech, you will have seen the Obamas practicing their faith.

So what does this matter?

The President dedicated his book to his father (who had seen Barack one time) and grandstands on the value of the family and ones' faith. I've always credited the President as a great family role model, having a fantastic interactive relationship with his daughers and a strong marriage with Michelle Obama.

But his actions don't seemingly refect all of his language, leaving me in the same place that I inhabited in February of 2008 -- I don't really "get" this guy.

1. (also source for picture posted above)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chavez and Venezuela face new challenges

Venezuela citizens flooded to stores to scoop up goods at the currency was devalued this week. President Chavez announced rolling blackouts to accomodate energy shortages and now soldiers were dispatched to force closure of stores that raised prices.

"There is no reason for anybody to be raising prices," Chávez said Sunday on his national television show.

The Washington Post reported that this is the "first devaluation of the bolivar since the introduction of currency controls in 2003 quickly spurred a shopping frenzy, as Venezuelans rushed out to buy televisions, computers and other goods that would hold their value."

"The typical Venezuelan is saying, 'My savings are going to be worthless,' " said Robert Bottome, editor of the business newsletter Veneconomia in Caracas, the capital. "The store shelves are pretty much empty right now."
The Venezuelan Institute for the Defense of People in Their Access to Goods and Services had inspected and closed dozens of stores -- those responding to the inflation and mob scenes for imported goods (e.g. electronics)

Chavez can now increase spending before Congressional elections as inflation may rise to 60% -- no, that is NOT a typo: 60%!

A year ago inflation was reported at 25% (one of the highest in the world)
The rationing of electricity was to prevent water levels from the Guri Dam hydroelectric plant from being depleted as the country fights a massive drought. The UKPA released that "the government recently reduced the hours of electricity supply for shopping centres and required businesses and large residential complexes to cut energy use by 20% or face fines."

The tensions between America and Venezuela continue as these citizens struggle against an oppressive regime. A jet intercept was announced by Chavez as he claimed American jet violated their air space -- the White House denies such an incident. also source for picture (BBJ)

More on Chavez:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

France to Ban "Psycological Violence" - Do you think I look fat?

From the BBC: Gabrielle (not a real name) "It started when I got pregnant...he would start by saying that I was very fat, that I was ugly, of course, that I wasn't any use for anything, that I couldn't even work."

The french solution, get the government involved.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon and key members of the governing party are joining women's groups to "rescue" women from "mental breakdown and the threat of physical violence." The BBC further reports that the government is pushing a parliament bill to create an offense: Psychological violence.

Criminalizing insults between married couples (or partners) could lead to "electronic tagging" for repeat offenders.

The Telegraph headline followed: "Nagging Your Husband is NOT a Crime"

"For starters, there's the question of defining an act of psychological violence: as it stands, the legislation would appear to cover everything from nagging, to false accusations of infidelity, to sustained campaigns of verbal abuse, to a failure to supply the correct answer to the question: "Does my bum look big in this?" -- Telegraph article

"You butt looks, now leave me alone" will get you a criminal record!

What's shocking is the multitude of left leaning individuals that believe France is a country we should emulate.