Thursday, January 12, 2012

Radio host says Obama could shoot animals or be evil and still beat Ron Paul

From the Desk of Brian

The drive time talk radio host in Tampa is Todd Schnitt (aka MJ on the MJ Morning Show) and his banter with a caller Wednesday proved interesting and insulting.
It began as the caller accused Schnitt of being a party guy, an establishment honk and how he calls Ron Paul supporters “Paulsies”
“I think they are unreaonable…I don’t so (that it’s a derogatory term)…His name is Ron Paul. I guess I could call them Paul-ites.”
Schnitt added that he coined the term “Occupy Paul Street” before talking over the caller, bullying the conversation….
Herman Cain is described as a “non-serious clown in the (Presidential) race, completely unqualified and is “sideshow circus act” (Schnitt adds that he liked the 9-9-9 plan)
The screeching garden gnome (as DOB’s Robert Herriman affectionately and accurately nicknamed the talking head previously) includes Paul with the same description.
Then at 31:25
I’m for the candidate that can win. Ron Paul can’t win! Ron Paul can’t win!
Ron Paul doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. (Caller interjects)
If Obama shoots kitties and puppies in the head with pellet guns on live national television in the oval office…he will still…he would still beat Ron Paul. (caller) If he ripped off doll heads and puked up green vomit and his head went DFDKDDKJ(gibberish imitating Exorcist) and spun around, he would still beat Ron Paul

Full audio imbed there, so go check it out

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