Friday, November 6, 2009

Obama's "Pet Goat" Moment in Crisis

The Ft. Hood tragedy reminded us of the power of the President to lead the country through support, sympathy and compassion. President Obama addressed a conference for OVER 2 MINUTES before getting to the Ft. Hood shooting.

This included a shout out for a "Congressional Medal of Honor" winner (Joe Medicine Crow) -- but that's actually incorrect as well -- it is the Medal of Freedom, but who's keeping score in the Obama Nation.

The suave, super intelligent President makes gaffe after gaffe, but compared to his predecessor, anyone would look smooth and smart.

After the shout out, an applause, praising the "productive conference", maintaining the priority of the conference, recognizing the challenges that lay ahead for Native Americans - he finally mentioned the attack.

2:20.....Two Minutes and Twenty seconds....

If he held up a copy of "The Pet Goat" the circle would have been complete.

The former Senator voted present over a hundred times, can't decided how to handle the advice from his handpicked general in Afghanistan, so it shouldn't surprise any of us that he would fumble this situation.

To me this the real story was NOT the tragedy of the shooting because the motives of Major Hassan will be revealed at a later date: insanity, terrorism or otherwise.

The immediate fact we can observe is the President's inability or trepidation to deal with tragedy and difficult decisions. What the President should have done was say: "Before I get started, let me first speak to the tragedy that is unfolding in Texas as we speak..."


Instead our President had a "Pet Goat" moment, playing to his comfort zone as a Community Organizer for nearly 2 and half minutes. Our leader rambled about a conference instead of speaking quickly and directly to the country.

Michael Moore railed on President Bush for reading with the children "My Pet Goat" as the news of 9/11 unfolded. Well, now we'll see if Moore and other extreme Obama supporters will recognize this President's "Pet Goat Moment"


  1. Obama is in over his head. Even as el presidente' he is still simply voting "present".
    By all accounts, this was the first successful terrorist attack within the US since 9-11, which is very inconvenient since it happened with him at the helm. He has to wait to find out what is the most popular thing to say and then wait for it to scroll on the telepromter. He doesn't have the testicular fortitude to form his own opinions.

  2. Well you were even more harsh than I was on the President, but I can't argue with your points. We'll hear that security concerns kept the President from visiting Ft. Hood yet the former President Bush and wife were able to make rounds through the hospital to visit the wounded.

    Obama's apathy towards Afghanistan and now the political correctness with terrorism is very scary to some, myself included. I'm sure the week has been full of Rahm Emanual focus groups to determine exactly what you claim: the best PR spin for the White House.