Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Degrassi" is Disgraceful, even for teens

Life is not an episode of “The Waltons” or “The Cosby Show” but television shows, especially kids’ shows integrate the most liberal or extreme scenarios into their storylines normalizing the behavior.

“Degrassi”, or more specifically, “Degrassi: The Next Generation” is the flagship show of TeenNick which was revamped in 2009 and features the long running Canadian show. (Note to be confused with Canadien as in Montreal Candadiens, see comments below-BBJ)

TeenNick sounds like a safe haven for parents to unleash their children for some mindless television time. Unfortunately, you need to be concerned.

This is “Degrassi”:

*Jimmy tries to advance his sexual relationship with girlfriend Ashley, he learns that his physical disabilities have caused him to have some erectile issues
*Episode entitled: “It’s Raining Men” – teens Marco and Dylan go on a date, have their first kiss after season long tension including a GLAAD mixer
*One character is caught snorting cocaine and that character joins the first to “find out what it’s like”
*The Coach takes KC to a hotel, gets him drunk, watches porn with him, shows his gun and hires KC a hooker.

Sex, drinking, suicide, even some drug use, getting DRUNK…”Degrassi” delivers it all.

“Part of making stories about the next generation involves tackling social issues relevant to today’s adolescents, even if that means pushing the envelope of what’s conventionally seen in youth-oriented programs” said co-creator and producer Linda Schuyler.

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