Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque response: Fred Phelps to build anti-gay church near Stonewall

Maybe you see this coming since they are going to build a mosque next to ground zero. (Read Here: Commission clears way for ground zero mosque)

So, to the supporters of the mosque (the panel vote was 9-0 and the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg supports the idea) so would a Westboro, anti-gay church build next to the location of the Stonewall riots be approved?

Where is the new line America?

Are we drawing lines for freedom of religion or freedom of speech?

I’m struggling with the concept of the mosque for many, many reasons, but be careful NOT to infringe on their freedom to practice religion. Are these wohabe (radical extremist) Muslims or peace loving American Muslims?

So, here’s the challenge:

To the supporter: would you support the Fred Phelps, gay hating Baptist Church being built adjacent to the Stonewall Inn as I stated?

To the opposition: weren’t you screaming about suppression of Christian practices, especially as Christmas and Easter?

What church would be acceptable at or near ground zero? What is politically correct or incorrect?
This is the modern fight for “freedom of religion” and “freedom of speech” – can you and will you fight for the opinion or RIGHT even if you completely disagree in your gut?

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