Monday, October 11, 2010

NewWorldSon interview and Concert review

Listen to the new NewWorldSon CD, a self titled album featuring their hit song “There is a Way”, and you may scratching your head trying to figure out their sound. Before a concert near Tampa, I was able to spend time with drummer Mark Rogers who described NewWorldSon as “Four guys, with similar backgrounds, who love soul, jazz, reggae, ska, funk…our music can’t just be put in a single style.”


As I learned about the Canadian foursome, I was struck by their passion.
NewWorldSon was forged out of a Tuesday night jazz club gig, supported by their local church in St. Catharines in Ontario, Canada.
“People from the church supported us as a great outreach. It was good music. The more bolder we performed, the more successful we became” but Rogers went on to admit “We questioned if the audience would want to here gospel.”
It would be understated to describe the subsequent three years as a meteoric rise in popularity, including eight months on the road opening for the Newsboys.
“The performances all over the world were exciting. We all worship the same God and music brings people together” Rogers says of the tour. NewWorldSon surely sharpened their skills and the concert at Bell Shoals Baptist Church exceeded all of my expectations.

NewWorldSon, Rich Moore on bass 10/08/10 Bell Shoals Baptist Church Photo/Brandon Jones

Lead singer Joel Parisien immediately took control and energized the crowd during “You Set the Rhythm”, dancing a jig that engaged his fans and when Parisien opened “Listen to the Lord” with his beatbox, even the most stubborn concertgoer abandoned their seat to stand and cheer.
“Our prayer is to have a good time with you, fellowship with you and in all honesty, for some Southern hospitality” Parisien confessed to the crowd who then joined in a “spiritual calisthenics” with an organized “soul clap” to get everyone’s juices flowing.

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