Thursday, November 11, 2010

Election Exhaustion and Voter Apathy

It will soon be over.

With the vote today I expect to hear the GOP exaggerate their victories, Democrats to cry “fraud” or “recounts” and voters to shake their heads.

Just as  President Obama was revealed to be another political ideologue, so it will be revealed that this midterm election will effect little other than deepen the wedge between the two sides and give credence to ignoring third party options.

There is a chasm between the far left and far right and that’s how our political leaders want it to remain. President Obama made a reference to Republicans as “enemies” (Read this and more of the President’s gems) and Sean Hannity’s condescending attitude bleeds down my TV screen if I wander onto FOX news.
If you’ve tried to follow the political races then your wading boots are covered in mud from the leeches slinging insults at one instead of discussing solutions. Alan Grayson for example felt it was acceptable to refer to his opponent as a terrorist and a draft dodger. (Read the article here) Republicans want us to ignore the years of spending and ignoring their electorate under Bush and empower them again.

Our media continues to fail us as they focus more on Christine O’Donnell’s dating habits nearly 20 years ago than our Floridians will pay for a high speed rail system.

So what’s new? Nothing.

In Winnipeg, this candidate attacks the incumbent, Sam Katz, for kicking children in the  face (accidentally during a soccer game) — “nice” (Canadian attack ad – kicking child in the face)

So it’s everywhere.

Some districts will report the low voter turnout or report on the frustrations and apathy of voters.
Ashame they’ll never seek out “Why” or offer solutions by fairly covering third party candidates.
We will return to a daily grind, a struggle in today’s economy with a background of instance news, lies, deceit – until they need us to vote again in two years.

Don’t get me wrong, I hold the power to vote as sacred and a responsibility but I feel your pain and I’m exhausted from the campaigning.

Let’s take a deep breath and start anew tomorrow knowing that the cycle is about to start over.

Read State of the Nation at are this article here:

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