Thursday, November 11, 2010

Michelle Obama's speech divides right from left

Michelle Obama’s stump speech for Harry Reid really reveals the emotional drive of the left and how separated the right is from those on the left. While her husband calls the opposition the “enemy” and horribly articulates a metaphor of “driving the car into a ditch” and “drinking a Slupee” (Read many of the President’s quotes: here)

We are not just here because of an election. We are not just here because we support Harry, and we do. We are here to renew that promise. We are here to restore that dream. We are here because we believe in some simple truths, that no child’s future should be limited because of the neighborhood they are born in. We believe that if you get sick in America, you should be able to see a doctor.
We believe that if you work hard you should make a decent wage and have a secure retirement. We believe that if you fulfill your responsibilities every day you should be able to provide for your family, just like our folks did.
 ”We believe” — insinuating the other guys, those “enemies” don’t share these beliefs?

I disagree Madam. Most Americans, right and left, share many of those beliefs, but we differ in application, means and the role of the Federal Government as the executor of these “beliefs.”

What dream is being restored?

One minute the Obamas are fundamentally “changing” America and then the next, they are “restoring” something. Which is it?

The talking points are all here:
  • Insinuate that Americans can’t see a doctor (presumably without Obamacare) but we have illegal immigrants in emergency rooms.
  • Insinuate that the “other side” doesn’t care about the future of those poor kids.
  • Insinuate that the Republicans don’t care about your retirement or your prosperity.
So Mrs. Obama can even wave a finger, lecture American voters, but all she is really conveying is that the Obamas are ideologues….far leftists….statists.

The means to insurance, prosperity and life style are simply defined in our Constitution: life, libery and the pursuit of happiness. “Pursuit” offers no guarantees of outcomes (an issue illustrated through guilt on the left) and the solution is simple: Big Government or Less Government.

This dates back to Andrew Hamilton versus Thomas Jefferson.

“We believe” in many of the same things, but we disagree on “HOW” to get there.

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