Monday, September 5, 2011

Pastor addressing sex & the church

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From a Christian Post article by Audrey Barrick, South Carolina megachurch pastor Perry Noble has stepped out to address a huge problem in the church – sex.

“Let’s just be honest. Sexual immorality is in the house,” he told his congregation, adding that he has seen sexual immorality at each of the three churches he has served.

“We can’t get mad at people that aren’t Christians because they act like they’re not Christians. But what we can do is talk about the mess we have in our own house and try to get it cleaned up.”

Perry started the two-week “Sex in the Church” series last weekend and will be concluding it on Sunday, Sept. 4.

Though an uncomfortable subject, he made it clear that the church should not be silent about sex especially considering the Bible “says a lot about the subject of sex.”

“The world is not silent about the subject of sex. They’re talking about it.”

Starting with the men, Perry urged those who have a playlist of songs that degrade women to delete them immediately.

“If we have a song on our iTunes playlist that refers to a woman as a bitch or a whore, we don’t listen to it. In fact, we delete it today because a godly man would never refer to a woman as a bitch or a whore,” the pastor said without hesitation.

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