Monday, September 5, 2011

Ron Paul Agrees With Americans: Two Party System Is Broken

During the Florida Liberty Summit, Presidential candidate Ron Paul rallied supporters, cited errors of the current and previous administration, emphasizing why his leadership would correct the course of America. (Check out this article here)

“The evidence is in, their views have failed and our views, our ideals are appropriate to be put in place.”

Paul discussed the failures of the government bailout and how shifting that debt from the failed businesses to the consumers was nearly criminal and warning that there is no end to this behavior as “They will just raise the debt ceiling.”

“We don’t have a two party system. We have a one party system…they endorse the same ideals and the same policies.”

“Humanity has a long history of authoritative figures in society: dictators, czars, Kings….but we have to stop. Don’t depend on the bureaucrats and politicians to decide what’s best.”

The Texan drew some applause when challenged on how he’d get the two parties to cut the spending he’d propse: $1 trillion – THIS YEAR!

“Get ‘em to cut each others’ baby programs. Tell the Democrats to cut 500 billion of the Republicans’ favorite programs and do the same for the other group.”

“They always offer a five year plan…a ten year plan…Well, this is the only year that counts.”

Sounds better than some of the recycled sound bites you will hear from the President and party favorites across the aisle.

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