Monday, September 21, 2009

During President Obama's media tour through every network, excluding FOX, the President either lied or admitted to NOT reading the bill - particularly, the HIS Stimulus bill.

The frenzy over the ACORN videos has been brewing for about two weeks now as Breitbart's aired a series of video outing the corruption and illegal activities ellicited at ACORN facilities.

While on with George Stephanopoulos:

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about the funding for ACORN?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Frankly it's not really something I followed closely. I didn't even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the Senate and the House have voted to cut it off.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: What I know is that what I saw on that video was certainly inappropriate and deserved to be ‑‑

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you are not committing the cutting off the federal funding?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: George, this is not the biggest issue facing the country. It's not something I'm paying a lot of attention to.

Let's flashback a bit for a moment, shall we....

The emergency Stimulus bill featured $8.5 billion to be allocated to ACORN. $8.5 Billion, capital "B" and was written by the Apollo Alliance, a participant in organizing the new green jobs initiative with the $500 billion over ten years. That's $50 Billion.

"I didn't even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money. "

Wasn't the initiative from the administration to his cabinet to cut $100 million in costs?

That was $100 million and the President DOESN'T know where $8.5 billion is going AND that is was allotted as part of the Green initiative that's receiving $50 billion per year ?!?!?!

"It's not something I'm paying a lot of attention to."


The President of "Hope and Change", who campaigned on "transparency" needs to know the company receiving $8.5 billion is promoting child prostitution and tax fraud.

We all know you were connected to ACORN years and years ago, but it's important to do what is right, say what is right NOT what's politically expedient.

According to Reuters, President Obama has done more interviews (to this point in his Presidency) than Presidents Clinton and Bush combined! (Obama=124, Clinton=46, Bush=40)

So, maybe if the President weren't so overexposed, appearing on every news channel and David Letterman, he'd have more time to keep track of our $8.5 billion dollars and be aware of the corruption associated with it's recipients.

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