Monday, September 21, 2009

Racism: Cosby agrees with Carter

Bill Cosby has thrown in his support for Jimmy Carter's racism allegations.

From Cosby's Twitter account: I agree with President Carter that racism is playing a role in recent outbursts against President Obama.

From Cosby's Facebook:

During President Obama’s speech on the status of health care reform, some members of congress engaged in a public display of disrespect. While one Representative hurled the now infamous “you lie” insult at the President, others made their lack of interest known by exhibiting rude behavior such as deliberately yawning and sending text messages.

Various polls prior to the election indicated that between five and ten percent of Americans would never vote for an African American president. That number, of course, only includes those who actually admitted to their prejudice. How many others harbored such feelings but did not respond honestly when asked the question? And how many people oppose Obama’s plan because the President is African American?

In "Birth of a Nation," D.W. Griffith used white actors in black face to portray black legislators as having low intelligence and acting like fools. Today, we have a band of real life congressional fools seemingly bent on blocking any meaningful reform of the health care system. But if we allow even one American to die simply because he or she cannot afford treatment, we are creating a shameful scenario that could aptly be called “Death of a Nation.”

Well, amongst the "various polls" supporting the racism argument is the NY Times who claim the number to be 15%.

I remember asking an Obama supporter why he wasn't ahead of Hillary by a wider margin -- quick response: racism.

Why won't these accusers explain Michael Steele's elevation to chair of the Republican party? Steele is a conservative African-American, so let's see what he had to say:

"This isn't about race. It is about policy. This is a pathetic distraction by Democrats to shift attention away from the president's wildly unpopular government-run health care plan that the American people simply oppose."

"Characterizing Americans' disapproval of President Obama's policies as being based on race is an outrage and a troubling sign about the lengths Democrats will go to disparage all who disagree with them. "

Wow, I'm not a Michael Steele fan, but he's spot on with that response.

I'll close by referring to a piece by Walt Williams from August in which he quotes Rev. Jesse Jackson.

"There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery -- then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved." - Rev. Jesse Jackson


Maybe Cosby is right, 15% of Americans can't support a black man, especially since Jesse Jackson is having some racist thoughts.

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  1. I'm frankly a little disappointed with Mr Cosby who is usually very reasonable and thoughtful on matters of race.