Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Arctic Sea Ice Returns to Normal Levels

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Despite all of the SUVs and abuse of the environment by Al Gore's standards, the earth continues to change climate - it colder. A historical winter and yielded so other news of relief, the Arctic Ice levels with return to normal.

From the NSIDC:

Barring an about face by nature or adjustments, it appears that for the
first time since 2001, Arctic Sea ice will hit the “normal” line as
defined by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) for this time
of year.

Some of the statements released:

  • The Danish Meteorological Institute shows Arctic ice extent at the highest level in their six year record.

  • The Norwegians (NORSEX) show Arctic ice area above the 30 year mean.

Dr. Walt Meir on the cause:

Basically, it is due primarily to a lot more ice in the Bering Sea,
as is evident in the images. The Bering ice is controlled largely by
local winds, temperatures are not as important (though of course it
still need to be at or at least near freezing to have ice an area for
any length of time). We’ve seen a lot of northerly winds this winter in
the Bering, particularly the last couple of weeks.

Yes, they make my head hurt too - temperature are not as important...sigh. That's his quote, the article had the statement in parenthesis so I'll assume they added it.

From Dr. Mark Serreze of NSIDC:

“It’s nice to see a little recovery over the past couple of years,
but there’s no reason to think that we’re headed back to conditions
seen in the 1970s,” said NSIDC Director Mark Serreze, also a professor
in CU-Boulder’s geography department. “We still expect to see ice-free
summers sometime in the next few decades.”

Referring to the "Death Spiral Theory" that the Ice will just suddenly melt away by 2013. Read it here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7139797.stm

Some expects and blogs published how there is some recovery.

"...sea ice appears to have turned the corner as of Sept 13th data. While
that is just one data point, it turned the corner about this time last
year, and the year before."

One Global Warming blog:

So now that Arctic ice has returned to normal extent and area, we
eagerly await the explanation from the experts about how that fits into
the “death spiral” theory. Richard Feynman famously said “Science
is the belief in the ignorance of the experts


Time will tell. 2010 is looking promising for sea ice
recovery again. After all, who wouldn’t want the Arctic Sea ice
to recover? WUWT is predicting a recovery again this year, which we
started mentioning as a prediction last fall.

So given what we know today, what will NSIDC highlight
in their April Sea Ice News?




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