Saturday, April 17, 2010

Republicans reveal their Big Government side for political gain

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Attention all you Tea Party members, Tea Baggers if you watch MSNBC, this is an update for all of the naive FOX watchers and Republican loyalists -- they are lying to you.

President Obama spoke again this week to support financial regulatory reform. Blaming "lobbyists" and corruption is always at the core of his lectures while proclaiming we can't allow "history to repeat itself"

You may have heard tough language of opposition, especially from Scott Brown: "Shame on the president" as Brown "complained that President Barack Obama was derailing bipartisan negotiations on Wall
Street reform
for short-term political gain." (Politico article, see below)

I heard and saw clips as I surfed through the news. Of course, the Republicans hot air will fill a room if it will benefit their political gains.

Because the Massachusetts Senator said this:

"The bottom line is, where there are problems [on Wall Street], we
should fix them. I’m not
going to vote on anything or make any statements until I read the
bills,” (adding he'd take a hard look at the proposals and get up to speed)

Where's all of Scott Brown's Ronald Reagan language about "government being the problem, not the solution"?

All we have to do is look to the former Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, who

"... formed an unlikely alliance with Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) to
propose reinstating the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act, which
separated commercial banking from investment banking. That law was
repealed in the late 1990s, and many critics say it allowed for the
growth of mammoth and risky
investment banks. Fully reinstating the law would be further
than the Obama administration has proposed."

One aide said McCain's vote on Financial Regulatory Reform will "will depend entirely on his analysis of how it plays among Arizona
primary voters"


“I’m looking at everything. I have not made any decisions.” - Olympia Snowe

“We need to prevent large financial firms from holding taxpayers hostage. I’m still looking at issues.”
- Susan Collins

“I think we all want to see financial regulation take place; I really do. These things
are very solvable. It just takes a little grind-it-out work.” - Bob Corker

The letter to Harry Reid from the Republicans stated:

"As currently constructed this bill allows for
endless taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street and establishes new and
unlimited regulatory powers that will stifle small businesses and
community banks."

In Senator Richard Shelby's letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy
Geithner we read how this is a slush fund for the Treasury to use as
they see fit, would encourage bailout over bankruptcy and explain how
this is the government running financial interests.

That is what the Tea Party and many motivated individuals are fighting to stop. Unfortunately, the Republicans are no different that their socialist counterparts on the far Left - power is more important and they don't care what we think.

Do NOT be fooled by the liars on the right. Look at their voting records, read between the lines and find the Constitutionalists that will fight to save this country.

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