Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dr. Weiss's Secrets & Warnings about the economy -- psst: there's a lot of debt

Originally posted at The Desk of Brian, www.deskofbrian.com: http://sites.google.com/site/thedeskofbrian/state-of-the-nation/drweissssecretswarningsabouttheeconomy--pssttheresalotofdebt

Dr. Martin Weiss published these 11 staggering facts that
every American needs to know — and that every investor won't be able to
succeed without ...

11 startling facts that Obama and Bernanke do
NOT want you to think about

FACT #1:

The official national debt now stands at $12.68 trillion — an amount equal
to about 88.5% of all the goods and services our economy produces in an
entire year.

FACT #2:
Contingent obligations for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,
veterans, and pensions now stand at an additional $108 trillion over
and above the "official" national debt.

FACT #3:
State, county and local governments are nearly $3 trillion in debt.
Many can't pay and will ultimately demand that Washington assume
responsibility for that debt as well.

FACT #4:
Total federal, state and local government indebtedness now stands at a
mind-blowing $123.6 trillion.

FACT #5:
Last year, Washington added $1.4 trillion to the debt. In this fiscal year,
the Obama administration will add another $1.6 trillion!
FACT #6:
In addition to funding the current trillion-dollar-plus deficits, the U.S.
Treasury must borrow MORE each year to replace bills, notes and bonds that are maturing.
FACT #7:
This record-shattering borrowing by the Treasury has resulted in a Mt.
Everest of Treasury obligations being dumped onto the market, which
naturally depresses bond prices and drives interest rates higher.

FACT #8:
In adesperate attempt to keep interest rates low, the Bernanke Federal
Reserve has created $1.25 trillion out of thin air to buy
mortgage-backed securities ... another $300 billion to buy U.S.
Treasuries ... and yet another $170.6 billion to buy other government
bonds — a total of nearly $1.7 trillion in all.

FACT #9:
From September 10, 2008 to March 10 of this year, Bernanke increased
the nation's monetary base from $850 billion to $2.1 trillion — a 250%
increase in just 18 months.

FACT #10:
Despite this massive money-printing, the yield on the benchmark 10-year
Treasury note has STILL risen by more than one-fifth — from 3.2% to
3.86% — since December.

FACT #11:
Because of this massive money-printing, the U.S. dollar has lost nearly
10% of its value in the past 12 months alone.

The President and the Treasury Department have colluded with the Fed to create economic slavery for our country. On the surface, Democrats present that they are for the "little man" when in fact, they have driven a biggest wedge between the "Haves" and "Have Nots".
More and more people with suffer when the debt reality unravels, leaving multitudes destitute and dependent on government entitlement programs.

As the Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said: "No crisis should be wasted" so this explosion of poverty, broke retirees, overwhelmed nursing homes, and bankrupt State budgets will allow the Federal government to grab (and hold) more power.

Are you preparing for this economic disaster? Do you even understand what any of this means or do you still have your head in the sand, believing the propaganda that "the economy is recovering", "can't happen in America" or the biggest lie: "The Republicans still have time to fix this."


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