Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bristol adding another chapter to the Palin Soap Opera

Bristol Palin's abstinence, child support renew the soap opera
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posted Jan 25, 2010 10:06 AM by Brandon Jones

Filing for child support, announcing her renewed chastity on Oprah and vowing not to make the same mistake twice, Bristol Palin again graces headlines heading into the crosshairs of new attacks.

She was mocked on "The View" by Joy Behar1 as headlines describe her: "Ho Sit Down: Bristol Palin preaching abstinence now"2

Unfortunately, like her mother, Bristol is a magnet for the spotlight, seemingly enjoying the attention. TMZ has confirmed Palin is seeking $1,750 per month in child support from Levi Johnston who recently cashed in on a Playgirl photo spread.

Anyone else feel like we're witnessing a cable reality show?

Sarah resigns to spend more time with the family, only to embark on a book tour reaping the cash rewards of her celebrity status. Mother Palin inks a lucrative deal to join FOX leaving the 19-year-old to endure single motherhood on her own.

Of course ex-boyfriend, now Playgirl centerfold model, will have to pony up some cash to keep Bristol free to tour the talking heads, cable networks and gossip magazines to perpetuate her pathetic psuedo-celebrity status.

"I have this big, supportive family and stuff, but I just felt so alone," Bristol proclaims during the Oprah interview.


This "stuff" hasn't stopped poor, stressed Bristol from setting up a PR firm as Hot Air reports. Public relations and damage control certainly needs to be a focus for the Palin family.
The Palin soap opera could replace the Kardashians leaving few of us surprised. Instead of political integrity, gaining political capital, Sarah Palin will be marred be these antics.

We can only be hopeful that this is the ceiling of aspirations for Sarah, Bristol and the rest of the clan.



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