Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why a Brown victory may not be reason to rejoice

If, and I emphasize if and not when, Scott Brown wins the Senate seat in Massachusetts, the Republicans will have a lot to celebrate. Overcoming a snowy, rainy voting day will be coupled with a heavy liberal voting constituency.

Of course Scott Brown will be rejoiced by Conservatives and the talking heads will announce the tide has shifted, but I offer a moment to hesitate.

Brown is NOT a Constitutional Conservative.

He's a pro-choice, proud supporter of "Romney-Care", which is quickly failing and racking up massive debt for the Massachusetts' taxpayers. Brown has a great image, a strong military record and has never run from his risque photo spread to help cover his Boston College law tuition.

I agree that Brown is a decent candidate, but mostly compared to his hollow, thoughtless, dishonest liberal competitor. Attorney General Martha Coakley has proven to be a horrible candidate and President Obama delivered arguably his worse speech to date trying to stump for her.

Having a Republican in a seat occupied by Ted Kennedy for over 45 years does appear to be shocking. This election could eliminate the Democratic supermajority in the Senate and could slow the health care reform bills.

But Brown, like Romney, supports government invention in Massachusetts health care, which proves that the form of "Big Government" and the partisanship matters more than a pure conservative interpretation of the Constitution.

I have to be hesitant of a candidate who feels that we MUST buy health insurance and support big government monitoring, policing and taxing constituents accordingly. Sure, he claims to NOT support the current Obamacare bills, but like Mitt Romney, Brown dodges strong stances and provides only the same rhetoric.

So avoid the ticker tape parade and FOX celebrations if Scott Brown wins. It may be signal of the tide changing, but not worthy of hysterical festivities that Sean Hannity will exalt upon his viewership.

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