Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama State of Union pandering and Campaign Speech

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The sixth longest State of the Union address in our history was 71 minutes of muddled promises, political rhetoric and campaign speak. President Obama attempted to appease his leftist base with more promises to bring the troops home from Iraq and end "Don't Ask Don't Tell" -- haven't we heard that before?

Meanwhile, tax cuts, offshore oil drilling and support for small business were all part of the pandering to the right, or atleast, the moderates. The President is floundering in the middle of one problem after another and appears to not have any solutions, just another speech.

While having filibuster proof majorities in the House and the Senate, the President's lack of leadership couldn't unite the Democrats on health care as some leftists feel abandoned.

The State of the Union address continued the partisan "Blame Bush First" divide that Obama has used time and time again. There is nothing unifying about labelling opposing view points, opinions or proposals as "obstructionist" and part of the problem.

As a climax to a week long build-up, the President proclaims nearly $500 billion in cuts/frozen spending over three years, but of course, he negates to mention the Congressional expansion of spending by $1.9 trillion.

Stop treating Americans like we're stupid: save $200 billion so you can spend $1.9 trillion ?!?!

While many Americans question the direction of our foreign policy and the handling of terrorists, the President focused on gays in the military.

There's a huge divide in this country between the two parties, between the people and their leaders and between the President's words and his actions.

Let's hope that this is what is CHANGED in 2010.

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  1. We are seeing history repeat itself.It is 1994 all over again.The "Don't ask Don't tell" and Hillary Health gave us the Republican Revolution in 1994.I hope that it is Jim Demint leading the Revolution this time or somebody who is more Conservative.