Saturday, January 23, 2010

President Obama's failures

Let's be clear that this list would look nearly identical if we were reflecting on the McCain administration. The differences between those two candidates were nominal in many ways and America would likely have seen similar "Big Government" mistakes with another Republican administration.

Foreign Policy & the Apology Tour

After several speeches (and a couple of submissive bows)a humble President attempted to appeased world leaders that resent America, but found little change in sentiment. Many countries see us weaker and more vulnerable now than under President Bush, even though they despise Obama less.

Intrusive Government

The fall of 2008 marked a coming together of both parties, both McCain and Obama, President Bush's administration and the treasury to unite in a financial spending and intrusion unlike anything in our history. The stimulus spending, takeover of GM/Chrysler, IMF contributions, payouts for terrorists and now health care all illustrate President Obama envisions a large, massive federal government to moderate its citizens.

Ignoring the People

Poll after poll have illustrated the people do not support a government takeover of health care. Townhall meetings, Tea Party protests and Independent voters have been marginalized and demeaned. Information is so widely accessible, yet our politicians still treat the populous as a gaggle of middle-schoolers.

Broken Transparency Promises

Broken promises and campaign rhetoric have even awaken loyal Democratic supporters to the lack of debate, closed door deals and sellouts to big business, big pharma, and others. Bills were promised to be available for days before votes yet thousands of pages of legislature has been passed without being read.


Dithering over troop deployment to Afghanistan angered supporters of the war and ultimately betrayed the anti-war supporters. McCain would have had an "all in" aggressive campaign which may or may not have had any better focus or results.

Bankers, Insurance Companies, & Auto Workers are Voters Too

Demonizing businesses at every turn as well as outright penalizing them justly and unjustly has cost the President some serious political support. It will always be easy for a politicians to vilify some enigmatic figure at a large corporation while ignoring the government's responsibility or corruption in Congress.

Teleprompter reliant

President Obama is arguably the most dynamic speech giver in our history...WITH a teleprompter. When he's "off the cuff" we stutters, staggers into a dull, drab and ineffective manner. As this curtain as been pulled back, we've discovered he's not a gifted orator, but more of a professional motivational speech giver.


Months after trying to send a hundred or so Gitmo prisoners to Yemen for release, the Yemeni terrorist group struck on Christmas nearly killing hundreds, if not thousands. Janet Napolitano and the President did little to show Americans they are serious about fighting "man-made violence" with "overseas contingency plans."

Not a Unifier at all

Probably one of the biggest disappointments is the divisive nature of the White House and the endless blame game. The Democrats had total, absolute control of Congress and the endless in-fighting couldn't even be quelled. Americans saw through this facade as they tried to blame the Republicans as obstructionists.

A year later we are witnessing all of the mistakes of the Bush administration with a new added desire for a European style socialism. The economy's collapse is not been squelched, but prolonged by endless government spending.

Unfortunately as we look ahead, we see the same old faces, games, rules and end games.

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