Sunday, January 17, 2010

Liberals feuding over Haiti?

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Jon Stewart of Comedy Central rarely ever spar. This last Thursday was an exception to the rule as Stewart mentioned Maddow's poorly timed jab as the Bush administration:

"The idea of more diplomacy and development -- the idea of more USAID power -- is a major part of the Obama administration's agenda," Maddow said. "... All of that, central to what the Obama administration says it wants to do differently than what Bush and Cheney did."

After Stewart mentions leaving ideology out of the Haiti reporting the Maddow clip concludes leaving Stewart to announce: "Not the right time."

He then mocked Maddow, her audience and the network:

"Congratulations MSNBC viewers -- you're on the right side of this terrible, terrible tragedy"

Of course, that could and should be the end of it, right?


Not on MSNBC -- Maddow replies on her show:

"I know that's politics, but, listen, I love me some Jon Stewart and the "Daily Show." I'm a big fan, but no apologies for reporting on which agency is the lead to respond to our national efforts to respond to Haiti, whether or not that agency is well-resourced, whether it had been subject to partisan attacks, how much the current administration values and prioritizes and indeed brags on that agency. We all as Americans are counting on our government to do a good job in responding to this catastrophe. This is what it looks like to report on our government's capacity to do just that.

Unfortunately the partisanship was brought to the table by you Rachel Maddow. Everyone knows the shortcomings of the previous administration, we don't need it highlighted right now. Did you mention how the local Democratic leadership in New Orleans failed their citizens during Katrina compared to Mississippi?

Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding President Obama using the disaster in Haiti is as deplorable as Danny Glover blaming global warming, but while we are still in the search and rescue phase political ideology could be checked at the door.

Danny Glover clip on GlitTV

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