Saturday, February 27, 2010

Global Warming: Avoiding the Battle of Anecdotes

Originally posting at Desk of Brian:

Recently I joked that I was really, really wrong about President Obama, I never expected him to fix global warming so quickly.

I joked.

Unfortunately Republicans, Conservatives, and talking heads are all falling into the same trap as the global warming alarmists. We shouldn't look at the local weather or recent snow storms to evaluate the climate shifts of the earth.

Al Gore became the poster boy of these anecdotal claims such as escalated hurricane activity and general outbreaks of disease which were all attributed to the earth's rising temperature. Scotish sheep, cougar attacks, kidney stones, squirrel gene mutations and even the crash of Air France Flight 447 have at one time or another been linked by alarmists to global warming.

Al Gore's declaration "The debate is settled" was embraced and this new scientific arrogance highjacked environmentalism.

Meanwhile, Phil Jones, Michael Mann and many of the top scientists have been turned on their head with faulty data, manipulated research papers and emails disclosing their "cover-up."

Recently Jones discussed how there has been NO WARMING since 1995 and he finally acknowledged Medieval Warm Period. Additionally, the IPCC is under attack for the countless flaws with their preposterous 2007 claim that the Himalayan glaciers would melt away, completely disappear, in 25 years.

From an article by Dana Milbank at the Washington Post: "Skip the hurricanes and Himalayan glaciers and keep the argument on the hundreds of billions of dollars spent annually on foreign oil, some of that going to terrorists rahter than to domestic job creation."

So now we're at the crux of problem.

Politics and science are horrible bedfellows and the global warming agenda is just that, an agenda to manipulate finances and lifestyles to benefit individuals NOT connected to fossil fuels.

There's no "skipping" the credibility of science and the assault on polluters.

I've yet to meet that arrogant, nasty polluter who shamelessly wants humans to disregard everything and destroy the planet. No, the mainstream stance is simple: we need to be good stewards of the planet without a hysterical, Chicken Little global warming reaction.

In contrast to Mr. Gore, the debate is never over. We should never abandon scientific scrutiny.

I wish both sides could be mindful that snow in Florida does NOT disprove global warming any more or less than the July heat wave in Philadelphia.

I've always question the validity science that ignores solar flare activity while proclaiming to measure the earth's temperatures from hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

No more anecdotal science and knee jerk reactions.

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