Saturday, February 27, 2010

Healthcare Reform on ONE page! Spread the Word

Recent "State of the Nation" by Brandon Jones posts this week on Desk of Brian:

President Obama will now resume campaign mode. As he stated in his "State of the Union" speech: we don't support health care reform because we don't understand it.


I know I speak for millions when I state we understand that we cannot afford another trillion dollar, two thousand bill full of backdoor deals.



Small is proposing SEVEN things to institute immediately and they fit on one page - no pork, no earmarks, or whatever nickname hides their excessive spending.


1. Cut costs by preventing runaway malpractice lawsuits.

2. Cut costs by allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines.

3. Cut costs by allowing lower premiums for healthier lifestyles.

4. Increase access to health insurance by ending the unfair tax on the uninsured (and self-insured), giving them a tax-break similar to that which is already available to those with employer-provided insurance.

5. Provide further help for those who are uninsured and have expensive preexisting conditions, by increasing federal support for state-run or state-organized high-risk pools.

6. Convert some federal funds into block grants to states, and reallocate the savings resulting from reducing the number of uninsured.

7. Implement additional reforms from the House Republican health bill.

So instead of a trillion dollar bill, a thousand pages that no member of Congress has read...instead: let's push seven simple items on ONE PAGE.


Let's open the borders between states to increase competition, let's address TORT reform, let's reward healthy behaviors and let's help those with pre-existing conditions.


I wish I had more faith in Republicans and other opposition groups, so it's on us to forward this information, engage leadership and pressure Congress NOT to pass a massive spending bill as a take over of health care.




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