Saturday, February 13, 2010

FOX Defending Palin is Asinine

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Even while mocking President Obama's obsessive use of a teleprompter, Sarah Palin has notes on her left hand to assist her in a Q&A session after a Tea Party speech.



"Energy, Budget(scratched out) Tax Cuts, Lift American Spirits"


That's it?!?! Palin needs notes for that?


Notes on deficit figures, the latest unemployment data, health care statistics - nope: "lift American spirits" --- apalling.


Of course FOX is defending their prized Presidential candidate, but the most absurd was on FOX & Friends:


Gretchen Carlson: "I think she did it on purpose… ‘Cause I think it’s an exact opposite of reading off the teleprompter, reading off complete script written for you with every word in a sentence. And here she’s just taken crib notes on her hand. It makes it look as if she can just talk off the cuff and that she just jotted down a few couple notes before she went out to give a big, long speech."


Gretchen, of course she DID IT ON PURPOSE! Do you think she let Willow jot down a few suggestions for her Mommy before sending her off to the enormous Tea Party crowd.


Co-host Brian Kilmeade made things worse: "There’s nothing wrong if she had a card, just jot a card down… But to sit there, …do the interview and then look down at her hand, I think that is… like you said Gretchen, before, folksy, absolutely down to earth, I can identify. But if you’re gonna write on your hand, why not just say, ‘Staffer, can you hand me a card?’ And then it would have been OK."


Maybe I'm alienating myself here but I don't want the President to be a co-dependent shill relying on his teleprompter and I don't want Sarah Palin, who can't speak off of the cuff on her core values or principles.


A former Governor, VP candidate, who just spoke on these issues, should NOT need "Budget Cuts"...ugh, sorry, "Tax Cuts" scribbled on her hand to answer ANY question.


This is just insanity.


Hannity used the incident as a chance to chastise the President over his "corpse-men" miscue. So FOX expects the President to write down that the "P silence in Corps" on his right hand (he's left-handed) and "follow the prompter" on his right.


To compound matters, Palin was railing on Obama as a "charismatic" leader who needs a teleprompter just moments earlier, waving around her "lift American spirits" scribble for the world to see. Maybe she can write "hypocrite" on her right hand.


From "Palin holds all the answers in the palm of her hand" to using her "palm pilot" or scribbling notes on her "palm Post-it" Palin just became the target for ridicule from her haters.


This time it's more than deserved, it's truly telling. Palin has revealed the truth: she's an empty suit like most of her peers.







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