Friday, March 19, 2010

Battle over Nigeria

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CNN reports: 11 people were murdered Wednesday near Jos, a region of Nigeria that has been convulsed by violence between Muslims and Christians.

"Muslim herdsmen, some dressed in military uniforms, attacked a predominantly Christian village at about 1 a.m. Wednesday near the city of Jos, close to where a machete-wielding Muslim group killed hundreds in a mostly Christian town this month, said Choji Gyang, special adviser on religious affairs to the governor of the Nigerian state of Plateau."

Last week 500 more Christians were murdered as Muslims attempt to control Nigeria. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi says Nigeria should be divided in two to avoid more bloodshed.

A wave of killings south of Jos targeted defenseless Christian women and children as the battle between the Muslim north and the Christian south is leaving hundreds dead.
"The Nigerian government should ensure that the perpetrators of acts of violence are brought to justice under the rule of law, and that human rights are respected as order is restored," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

There has been a lot of destruction of houses and property and many people managed to flee," said Robin Waubo, a spokesman from the International Red Cross.

Bob Hoskins, Founder of Christian mission group OneHope claimed: "The goal of the Muslims, of course, is to establish sharia law in that whole region. And, they're being supported by people like Gaddafi who sends literally millions of dollars in."

"We're being encouraged by the government to go into the schools, to share our Biblical literacy program, and to share Christ with the children" Hoskins continued as OneHope has met resistance as workers have been beaten by radicals.

Hoskins' missionairies are boots on the ground reporting: "Our workers go into the villages, and there's so little available to them..." and that's were their outreach begins.

The Book of Hope and The Godman film are great outreach tools. Hoskins says the ministry tools are effective and as these young people turn to Christ, Hoskins says, "They start a study group under a tree somewhere," and that's how churches are established.

OneHope has a goal of distributing 1.2 million copies of the Book of Hope this year. They need your help. Hoskins says it doesn't take a large commitment to have a huge impact. "It's incredible to believe that for 33-cents we can engage a child with the Word of God that can change an entire community, and actually result in a church being started -- in an area where its 90 to 100-percent Muslims."

The region is embroiled in a battle between Christians and Muslims and the Nigerian government has done little to qwell the violence. With feuds over oil resources compounding this tension, I doubt we've seem the last of these mass murders.

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