Friday, March 19, 2010

Florida Rail not generating Florida jobs

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The Kansas City Business Journal reports: Florida's rail received the $1.25 billion from the Federal government for the initial phase to service Tampa to Orlando. The Stimulus Bill funds were thought to create jobs, but this project will be employing companies from other states.

HNTB Corp, a Kansas City firm, will join Wilbur Smith Assoc. from South Carolina under the DOT's newly created "Florida Rail Enterprises."

The article states: "The HNTB/WSA team will provide overall program support and oversight
for planning, design, public outreach, vehicle and systems integration, operations, construction, project controls and procurement of all contracts for the Florida high-speed rail program."

"It’s exciting to see the return on the investment we made in
high-speed rail. I’m confident that our momentum will
continue to grow as more funding is released."
- Peter Gertler, HNTB’s high-speed rail services chairman

No surprise that Peter Gertler is an Obama supporter and made a donation to his campaign. Wilbur Smith Assoc. is a firm advocating the Obama agenda -- from their site is a link "Five Ways to Speak Like Obama" and tons of links to story defending the President, his agenda and the Democrats.

The Stimulus Bill has proved time and time again that it was more about fulfilling political promises and deepening alliances than creating jobs.

Charlie Crist and Florida supporters of this Rail program should be ashamed of themselves having misled Floridians, cramming this down our throats and not helping the unemployed in their own state.

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