Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mike Evans Interview: Bomb Iran to help your ratings

Originally Published "State of the Nation" by Brandon Jones at Desk of

Early February, on "Insights" Robert Herriman directed our attention to Daniel Pipes advice to President Obama: invade Iran.1

Now on Conservative Talk Show Host, Michael Medved's show, Mike Evans offers similar advice: invade Iran to help your ratings.


Medved is a Conservative host based in Seattle and mixes in Pop Culture with political diatribe. Mike Evans is touring the various shows to promote his new book "Atomic Iran: Countdown to Armageddon"


Evans discussed the following:


  • Sanctions for Iran to directly cutoff the Revolutionary Guard

  • 100% certainty Israel will act

  • America can assist Israel with "plausible deniability"

  • Since Obama's ratings are low, he should consider bombing Iran

Got that: Plausible Deniability and help your ratings, Mr. President - the right will line up to support you bomb Iran.


Even Evans sputtered after suggesting that Obama can recover from his plummetting ratings by bombing Iran directly or aiding the Israeli effort.


Whether or not you support Israel, which I do, don't you find it disturbing that the motivations to intercede with the Iranian nuclear program would be approval ratings?


Truly disturbing.


I'm even more disturbed at the Biblical insinuations without scriptual context. Evans is a practicing fearmonger irresponsibly justifying violence against Iran.






1. Let's hope that Mr. Obama doesn't listen to the advice of this neocon

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  1. These people are plain nuts!