Saturday, March 13, 2010

Salt Ban latest in Nanny State efforts

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Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) from New York is proposing Bill A10129 which is would impose "up to a" $1,000 fine for the use of salt in food preparation in any restaurant per violation.

Bye Bye McDonald's. So long Checker's Fries.

The new Food Prohibition is just beginning as regulating our activities and freedoms move to the top of the priority list. Michelle Obama is pushing an anti-Obesity campaign and there's movement to alter the labels on sodas.

The billion dollar campaign to alter the food in schools has already been traced to SEIU and the benefits for the 400,000 school workers serving this food.

The workers and their unions recommend that the USDA:

  • Increase federal reimbursement rates for meals to enable
    schools to cover the rising costs of meeting dietary guidelines and to
    purchase fresh, healthy foods. SPEND MORE MONEY

  • Reach more struggling
    families by relaxing eligibility requirements, streamlining application
    processes, and allowing for regional variations in cost of living in
    determining eligibility. COVER MORE PEOPLE - INCREASING COSTS

  • Improve food safety, nutrition,
    health and wellness, and customer service through additional training
    for food service employees. ADDITIONAL TRAINING COST MONEY

  • Fund dinner-time meals for children in afterschool programs whose parents must work long hours. FUND = COST

The freight train of Big Government is headed to our kids' cafeterias, our dinner tables and the drive thru on the corner -- all over America!

Here's the price of Freedom to consume all of that salt:

"The Stanford University School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs
Palo Alto Health Care System have a cheap solution to help solve rising
healthcare expenses: Cut back on salt.

A study by the two groups says that cutting salt by 10% could
prevent hundreds of thousands of heart attacks and strokes over several
decades and save the government $32 billion in healthcare costs. The
Institute of Medicine says that high blood pressure costs the US $73
billion a year in heathcare costs.

Do you see the game?

Just a shell game of save here, spend there. Take away your freedom here, so I can help you over there. Where are all of those Patriot Act opponents?

Federal increases in taxation on cigarettes was 2009, now salt, possibly soda, beer and more - who baby sits the nanny state.

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