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Social Justice revisited with a great post by an old friend

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I recently posted an article on Glenn Beck vs. Social Justice in the churches:
Beck instigates "Social Justice" debate over codewords at churches

There was immediate fallout from Beck's comments and frankly, I agree his assertion: "social justice" is a leftist codeword and does NOT belong in the church.

Of course, this is the very treacherous waters, dealing with religion AND politics, and close to home, the tensions rose.

I posted the following on Facebook, which led to a great exchange, and a fantastic post by an old friend of mine that I wanted to share with the DOB Universe.

Brandon: I guess we don't talk about religion and politics because it reveals a lot about a person's character, beliefs, moral compass and how they see the world -- dangerous waters indeed

TG: ..or as Abe Lincoln said: "Its better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than speak and remove all doubt."

DS: I say what ever I feel like,I still pay taxes, and know I'll pay a lot more come tomorrow! Be heard America!

CB: I say religion is man made...But having a personal relationship with JESUS is spiritually needed ...As far as politics are concerned . . . When Jesus runs for president then I will vote lol .


You're completely right Brandon but they are the best of topics! And between TG's Abe quote and your opening statement I think Proverbs 17:28 would plug in well.

" Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is
counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of

Unfortunately I believe we have a lack of teach-ability
in our "I'm right" society. Nobody wants to be wrong and it's easier to be passive with a smile or blame the other guy.

Pride is a major killer in our culture and you can argue with it all day long and get nowhere. It's definitely easier to let the train go, if you will. The other passive stance thinks if I should open my mouth on such topics, my position just might be discredited. It's too bad folks are so thin
skinned on such topics. We'd be better by far if we would simply enter the "dangerous waters" for it has also been said that "smooth sea never made a good sailor".

Would many drown, most likely.

But you wouldn't have as many casualties if you start this thinking early. Many would probably learn to use the oars of teach-ability and the sails of discernment. So I say, hoist the sails and pull the anchor and go out into the treacherous waters!

Oh, CB you're right on target. Religion puts the burden of justification on man and his efforts to obtain God. Christianity on the other hand is God's work through Jesus Christ and His substitutional sacrifice in order to reach down to man.

Now as for waiting until Jesus comes in order to cast a vote, be
mindful we are not voting for a Pastor (that would be nice) but a leader with discernment, backbone who will need to make "good"

I do believe we need to be active as Christians, to
exercise our vote and to speak out at injustices. At the same time we always need to be mindful that this world seeketh not after the things of God.

Don’t put any hope in man or a political party, government is
man led.

"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will
remember the name of the LORD our God." Psalm 20:7

OK overkill I know.

I don't know, maybe to much coffee? I think DS has it right with his last statement, "Be heard America"

Hope you all have a great day.

I obviously removed the other poster's names and made some minor edits to Terry's post.

To Terry: Guilty as charged.

I was politically ignorant and oblivious to the world affairs as a whole. 9/11 changed that for me and began reading: everything left and right...from Al Franken to Rush Limbaugh.

I was horrible to argue or debate (many would say I still am) but I'm working hard to be more patient and listen to other stances.

I'm shocked by two major things:

1. Smart people, college educated, know absolutely nothing and refuse to ever consider that their pre-determined "belief" are incorrect or need to be re-evaluated.

2. As Terry well articulated, the role of the Christian is not to hold blind faith in some politician or leader. I despise the marginalizing of Christians as mindless sheep following some proverbial Evangelical talking head to fall in line behind the Republican party.

The topic at hand was a shocker for me because "social justice" is historically a codeword for the Leftist, Progressive Movement's socialist agenda.

It may still mean "charitable works" or "helping the poor" to some folks, but not to progressives. To the left "social justice" is that old pesky Joe the Plumber line: redistribution of wealth, including property and taxation, under the disguise of helping the impoverished as well as, perpetuating the leftist agenda: promotion of global warming and penalizing offenders, granting amnesty for illegal immigrants and providing reparations for previous offenses.

Witnessing "social justice" redefined by SOME churches under the veil of Christ's will for charity, mercy and grace to promote political agendas and allegiances is VERY DANGEROUS.

Thanks again Terry, I appreciate you letting me post your comments on DOB.


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