Saturday, March 13, 2010

John Edwards faces Grand Jury Indictment

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The National Enquirer scooped the major newspapers and "journalists" by breaking the story that John Edwards will face a Grand Jury indictment for using campaign funds to cover-up his affair with Rielle Hunter.

The Enquirer article quoted a "friend" close to Edwards:

"John is terrified that he's going to be indicted. While he believes he's done nothing illegal in trying to hide his
extramarital affair with Rielle and their daughter, he thinks the Feds
are going to make an example of him."

In February, Edwards admitted he was the father of Hunter's child and the affair with his campaign videographer prompted Federal investigation into his use of campaign funds.

John Edwards aide Andrew Young's tell-all book "The Politician" chronicles the affair and the cover-up. Young wrote that Edwards concluded "that if I helped him, I would make
Mrs. Edwards's dying days a bit easier. 'I know you're mad at her,
Andrew, but I love her. I can't let her die knowing this.'"

Yes, as a reminder, recall that Edwards' wife was battling cancer at the time of his indiscretions.

It was rumored that Edwards had purchased a $3.5 million dollar beachfront home for Hunter and himself and that Edwards has in fact, proposed to Rielle Hunter and awaited the passing of Elizabeth.

Congrats to the Enquirer for continuing to behave like real journalists because you almost certainly will not hear this story on CNN, MSNBC or the major three networks. If FOX devotes any time to the coverage, it will be dismissed as hate-mongering or old news.

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