Monday, October 26, 2009

Arm the Bobbies!

North London has become a haven for gangs and gang violence. London's police department has now instituted a major change in UK Law Enforcement - gun toting bobbies patroling the crime infrested area.

Chief Inspector Neil Sharman said the units began in June to tackle the rising gun crime. The initial 20 officers will double in size to seek out criminals carrying or storing guns rather than wait for the incidents to occur.

Terrorism and crime has blossomed in the UK and even London can't look the other way forever. The utopian view on gun control is truly on full display as gun bans have resulted in only the bad guys having the weapon.

The BBC reported that handgun related crimes increased 40% two years after the weapons ban. That was in 2001!

Dan Rather had to concede to how bad the violence in the UK had gotten - this was in 2002 (Read here.) There is a long track record of increased violence and problems for the UK citizens and their inablility to protect themselves.

Some much of this is the "Rosie O'Donnell ignorance" in which she even stated that the gun ownership is NOT A RIGHT. Rosie had a famous banter with Tom Selleck:

The lack of personal responsibility and the support for eliminating personal accountability by gun opponents is astounding.

Did they blame the teen who killed another Chicago teen with a board? The story here describes the horrible event. Are we to allow boards because they are too dangerous?

We can go back to Australia's ban in 2000 (read here) to see the pattern of increased violence that follows these gun bans.

Will America follow suit?

The second amendment was put in the constitution to protect against the government NOT for JUST hunting. While the government's power runs amuck, we must be viligent to fight for ALL OF OUR RIGHTS and learn from the errors of the world.

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