Monday, October 19, 2009

Healthcare Redux

So after taking some time away from the Great Healthcare Battle, we find ourselves in deeper trouble than we ever imagined. Roland Burris, shunned by many after the Rod Blagojevich nomination (and scandal) to replace President Obama's vacant Senate seat, has joined Dennis Kucinich in his clear support for a public option. Kucinich has been HONEST in describing the goal of a one payer system, a complete overhauled government controlled healthcare reformation.

Meanwhile, the corruption and backdoor deals continue.

First we learned how the Obama administration had garnered the $80 billion support from "Big Pharma" for a promise to NOT lower the Medicare prescription fee schedule. So, the drug companies will provide support because their profit margins are guaranteed.

Then we learned that half a trillion, yes $500 billion, will be cut from Medicare, most specifically, targeting the secondary insurance Medicare Advantage. Was it a surprise to hear AARP supporting the bill that will reduce benefits for their own membership? No surprises here as Medigap is AARP's version of Medicare Advantage so AARP's profits and interests will be protected.

The Max Baucus bill became under attack while denying the taxation and penalties drive the cost savings. The Baucus bill became high profile because it cost LESS than the $1 trillion price tag bouncing around. Soon we learned that the taxes and penalties would take effect IMMEDIATELY while the plan would not start until 2013.

Seven years of coverage on ten years of funds - of course it would be less!

Over the weekend further examination revealed that four states (Rhode Island, Oregon, Michigan and Nevada) have some special benefits carved out for their state budgets. There is a five year umbrella protecting those states from increased costs to their Medicaid programs.

Harry Reid's own state, Nevada, headlines the states that get a free pass on the backs of the other 46 states.

Furthermore, Chuck Shumer added language to protect New York's "Cadillac plans" from rate hikes as well. The current bill taxes these expensive plans to fund the healthcare reform's expanded coverages.

So the ABC's of Healthcare has resulted in the same ole CDE's: corruption, deceit and earmarks.

Earmarks? Yeah, didn't I mention any of those.

Let's continue with Harry Reid who wants to ensure that the Nevada Cancer Institute, a cancer treatment center with no particular national reputation, reaps "a big gain in federal reimbursements as part of the health-care overhaul."

Blanche Lincoln, considered a swing vote in the Senate, proposes Medicare coverages for home infused therapy "championed by a medical entrepreneur in her state."

Read the above comments in its entirety here from the NY TIMES!!!

Hope and Change hasn't reached the Senate. Evidently as the same ole players are pilfering through our money - this time in healthcare reform.

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