Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nancy Pelosi is INSANE!

AP Headline: "Pelosi makes case for government-run health option"

Nancy Pelosi is tellnig, no warning, us all that the public option is coming. My response was: "Of course it is." How do you argue the need to eliminate the uninsured without some sort of new entitlement insurance program.

What makes my brain swell is Pelosi's rationale!

"Anyone who had any doubts about the need for such an option need only look at the behavior of the health insurance industry this week. The idea that we would have health insurance reform without a public option becomes less likely."

The behavior of the insurance industry?

Before we get to the AP translation of Pelosi speak, let me say that the insurance companies turned on healthcare reform when they found out the details. See, under the Senate Bill you have to pay a nominal fee if you don't have insurance. This originally was upwards of $8,000 but now appears to peak at $750 in 2017.

So young and healthy individuals would be better served to pay the fee and only get insurance when they needed it. Therefore, the insurance companies would NOT be getting premiums from these individuals over their healthy years.

The AP translates Nancyisms for us: (from the article) "She was referring to an industry-funded study earlier that said insurance premiums would rise under health overhaul legislation advanced by the Senate Finance Committee earlier this week. Pelosi also referenced an insurance industry ad campaign targeted at seniors."

Hey, Nancy the PREMIUMS WILL INCREASE! Seniors will lose billions and billions!

Maybe the insurance companies don't like statements like this: "There are some things we'd like to see happen to the insurance companies that they might not like."

So Pelosi made a case - from the headline, a case for what? How retarded the leaders on Capitol Hill have become?

The Senate Finance Committee wrote the language, the tax provisions etc...that WILL cause prices to rise and seniors to lose benefits and PELOSI'S insight is we need a public option and blame the insurance industry.

In July Pelosi said this:

"It's almost immoral what they (insurance companies - my addition) are doing. Of course they've been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure. They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening."

Maybe "Big Insurance" will wake up and realize that the intent here is to...


I see it. You see it. Why can't they?



  1. Big Insurance has been in bed with the government as long as I have been alive. Some have been given unfair advantages/monopolies over the years. This is the exact reason why private companies should not get involved with the government, cause soon as things go bad the gov't will always point the finger at the private company and many citizens will go along with it. The insurance Corp's lobby the Gov't to make 'laws' that force people to use their services whether the people want to or not. If there was not an Insurance Corp and the Gov't between you and your doctor then there would be no so-called 'heathcare crisis'

  2. Fantastic point. I believe now the government is turning the table on them with their own backdoor deals. By the team these insurance carriers wake up, they'll be bankrupt and heading to "beggin' bowl" - too big to fail - for a government handout.