Friday, October 23, 2009

Faith Board Member tied to SEIU

When I began to review the list of the Board Members added to the department run by Joshua DuBois, the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, I didn't get very far.

From the article providing a list the first name was Diane Baillargeon, President and CEO of SeedCo (in the center of the picture).

In my first, my very FIRST search, I find a connection between her work at SeedCo and SEIU.

From this article in 2008:

"Seedco’s outstanding reputation makes it an ideal organization to undertake this very worthwhile and important initiative," said Mr. Knuckles. "The Upper Manhattan Health Careers Initiative complements another health care employment and training partnership we announced almost exactly a year ago with the 1199 SEIU Training and Employment Funds to connect 118 Upper Manhattan residents to employment and career advancement opportunities in the health care industry. In both instances, our overall goal is to create opportunities for empowerment zone residents with skills deficits to obtain the highly valued training that is needed to qualify for employment and career advancement opportunities, while simultaneously providing employers with a pool of skilled and qualified labor."1


Not just any office of SEIU, 1199 where Patrick Gaspard is from. My prior blog is here.

So, even in the Faith-Based & Community Initiative Office we find connections to the same groups... SEIU in this case. (which is connected to ACORN)

I'm not shocked or surprised, just frustrated.


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