Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trapped at the Bank: America is Soddom & Gommorah

Don't you hate when you HAVE to go inside the bank to execute a transaction?

I was trapped in a snail race for twenty minutes snaking my way through the bank maze to get to the front. To add salt in the wound, I was subject to the CNN version of TMZ: HLN's Showbiz Tonight -- this was the only distraction from the Hispanic lady's raucous conversation on her cell phone.

My entire time was spent trying to erase the series of images set forth by my minimal knowledge of Spanish as I translated "tener sexo con Jose" - oh, where's the mental floss when you need it?

Okay, back to Showbiz Tonight, which was providing the trifecta of immorality: David Letterman, Roman Polanski and Jon Gosselin. There was no escaping the endless stream of analysis into the lack of morality - oh I'm sorry, that was in my head - the justification of Polanski and Letterman's behaviors while perpetuating the exploitation of the Jon & Kate fiasco.

I've already been exposed to the "rape-rape" comments of Whoopi Goldberg. I've watched Letterman interweave his cheating escapades with his blackmail confessions to get laughs.

Society has truly become a modern day Soddom and Gommorah. Outrageous sexual immorality and even rape is easily absorbed into the broadmindedness and tolerance of the media and Hollywood liberals. The biggest star on the view dismisses Roman Polanski's crimes because it wasn't really "rape-rape" and Letterman is glorified as "The Man" instead of being vilified as a cheater (possibly a womanizer)

Like the Biblical account, the wealthy cities of sin were engulfed in these same sexual immoral practices and tolerance. Let's add some Reality TV child exploitation and a Hollywood rapist and we are certainly looking into a proverbial mirror ripe for persecution.

It's sad when banking requires a prayer for strength to endure the world that surrounds us.

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