Friday, October 23, 2009

Richard Henne & Family are Disturbed

The era of Reality Shows has produced some horrible exploitation of human behavior and the recent balloon boy incident is just another chapter.

After a stint on "Wife Swap", the Henne's were addicted to the spotlight and then Richard Henne concocted his inflatable muffin publicity stunt.

Now Henne's effort to further exploit his children has magnified this video which has boys dropping profane language and one covered in feces -- nothing like family Hip Hop bonding time making a video called "Not Pussified"

This verifies that the Henne family is disturbed and the children may be need to be sheltered from their insane parents.

It's come to light now that Richard Henne called a TV station before calling 911. Since the media still blew into a frenzy, even though the station contacted the sheriff before dispatching coverage, Henne still receive the hype he was seeking.

Henne claims his family doesn't have cable and isn't aware of the allegations that this was a hoax. Doesn't have cable? How do you find out, apply and appear on a reality show; post that awful video on Youtube and contact the TV station prior to the police and HONESTLY expect us to believe you DON'T have cable?

This is a link that covers the balloon being held as evidence and their bizarre history dating back to 2006 or so:

Reality shows are the bane of modern television and this is just another chapter in the bizarre nature of exploiting fellow humans for 15 minutes of shame.

Note: Originally I covered this in PCR #500 on : complete column here: State of the Nation: PCR #500

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