Friday, November 13, 2009

Losing another Hero: Mallory Code

Struggling with cystic fibrosis, Mallory Code battle came to an end. At only 25 years old, Mallory came a golf star first at Chamberlain High School here in Tampa and then as a Florida Gator. She was admitted to the Hospital over the weekend with a blood infection and pneumonia. As the condition worsened and she contracted severe swelling of the brain and passed away Monday night.

From the press release:

"She poked fun at herself and was constantly smiling. She always thought first about others, even checking herself out of the hospital last month and hurriedly driving over from Orlando so she could attend the long-planned birthday party of her beloved 1-year-old niece."

Self sacrifice is the theme in all of the stories of Mallory Code.

A local radio show, Malcolm Out Loud, dedicated the entire show to the legacy and memory of Mallory.

I had heard of Mallory Code through her website "The Deal Bloodhound" which helped identify ways to save money on groceries and products. She made a post here as recently as November 6th.

"She wasn't going to stop achieving something," her father Brian Code said. "And the thing was, it was always about helping somebody else."

This article from 2005 really reveals Mallory's character and positive outlook on life.

The journalist wrote of Code:

"It wasn't looking good. The woman who somehow always remained more cheery than your neighborhood Wal-Mart greeter, all while taking on a life sentence of cystic fibrosis, asthma and diabetes, was up against it like never before. Her 20-year-old body forever had been a pest, with the cystic fibrosis that promises to end her life far too early; the insulin pump; and the 40 or so pills she takes each day to replace enzymes."

Her response: "Some days I feel like I've climbed a mountain and I get to the top and I see a whole mountain range behind that I still have to climb. I handle it with a little bit of humor and a little bit of tears. Some of both."


Don't we all feel like the glass is half empty sometimes? The country and the world are falling apart all around us as people lose their homes, their jobs or their lives.

All the while, a woman, only a quarter of a century old, was an inspiration to us all to live fully day by day.

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