Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ponzi Scheme Healthcare - oooo, Don't Say That!?!?

It first happened months ago, but again this week I faced some odd and interesting ridicule. I made an offhand comment that the "pay it forward" taxation that accompanies this Health Care Bill is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme.


I must of struck a nerve, because the explosion left profanity and liberal brain excrement all over the walls around me.

No surprise, the context matters more than the substance to these "reform" supporters.

Some amalgam of health care bills will pass (sooner than later: I stand pat) and we WILL be taxed on any coverage and some WILL be forced to purchase insurance. The semantics really don't matter because it's all just a precursor to the endgame: single payer government run health care.

What this really is: a Ponzi scheme-like bailout of the health insurance and large corporate hospitals. They've been doing their best to make it sound like we’re buying into health reform, when in fact, we will be depositing fees, taxes et al. for three years to ramp up the insurance overhaul.

Similar to Social Security, we'll be "paying it forward" while the government struggles to manage cost control to prolong bankruptcy. The mammogram policy guidelines highlighted the "death panels" that will be used to reduce coverages for all of us, especially the elderly.

For months, thousands and thousands have been losing their jobs and their health insurance along with their unemployment. Instead of addressing portable insurance, these bills make it more difficult to maintain private insurance policies.

Amongst those thousands (millions?) of unemployed are healthy patients that carried the weight of premium costs to insure the unhealthy. Insurance companies are racing to cut deals to ensure their livelihood.

The puppet masters have cut deals with the "Big Pharma" to maintain Medicare prescription payemnts. The White House supported a Medicare cut of $500 billion to destroy secondary insurance for seniors (except for AARP who struck a separate deal) and Congressmen all carve out special deals for their individual districts (Louisiana, Nevada, New York)

Seantor John Kyl spoke the truth:

"Any private or any publicly traded business that claimed it was making a profit because it booked revenue over 10 years but only booked expenses over six years would wind up in jail. That's what this bill does, that's just many of the frauds and hat tricks in this bill"

Sorry that the dose of the truth just tastes so bad, but Bernie Madoff would be proud of Congress. Good intention health care reform is following the Washington rhetoric instead of demanding proper, well thought out reform.

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