Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Now Bows to the Japanese

First the Saudi King, now the Japanese Emperor.

This isn't about respect, a half bow like this is a measure of submission to their superior. Does out President realize the US is greatest country on the planet and he doesn't HAVE to bow?

Back in 1994 the NY Times ran an article explaining how President Clinton DID NOT BOW (exactly). This comical effort (here) included the ridiculous comment by Molly Raiser, chief of protocol:

"It was not a bow-bow, if you know what I mean."

If Clinton's head nod, shoulder slump was NOT a "bow-bow" how will the hypocritical left denounce the Obama bend at the waist.

"Presidents don't bow, and Emperors don't toast," one official said. "So this was a little bit like the cultures meeting each other halfway." (same NY Times article 1994)

We have seen the protective media circle their wagons to shield Obama from slings and arrows, so it'll be interesting to see their contrived tactics in action.

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