Monday, November 2, 2009

Attacks on Pro-FOX Democrats: they say: FOX is most FAIR!

Bob Beckel, who worked for Bobby Kennedy, answered to critics during the "War against FOX" saying: "I talk to more persuadable voters in a month than anybody on MSNBC and CNN talks to in a year."

Liz Chadderdon openly discussed her gaffe in which she referred to Guantanamo Bay detainees as "victims" and immediately received complaints, up to and including death threats.

Why bother to be on FOX -- it's all about the ratings. FOX is #1 and beating CNN, MSNBC and CNBC combined.

"You know how I know nobody watches CNBC?" said Chadderdon. "I compared the pope to my 11th-grade algebra teacher, and nobody sent me a letter."

That was hysterical to me. Can you imagine if Rush Limbaugh made that comment.

Lanny Davis made the left very, VERY angry with a comment that FOX was the fairest in the treatment of Hillary Clinton and claiming the FOX bias is overstated.

Davis answered critics: "Is there a difference between Fox and MSNBC? You count the number of guests on Rachel [Maddow] and Keith [Olbermann] who are conservative Republicans. If you get to double digits, I’ll buy you dinner for each one."

Doug Schoen, who joined FOX Nation, stated this about FOX: "They are the most professional network of any I have dealt with. If you are a Democrat who wants to deliver mindless talking points on Fox, it's probably best to go to MSBNC and hope you get a chance to recite them. I think Fox encourages critical views of all sides, asks different kinds of questions and wants to have diversity of view."

Recent surveys have shown that a larger number of Democrats and Independents watch FOX compared to Republicans watching their competition.

The answer is even more simplistic: FOX isn't treating you like an idiot and analyzing news like a Saturday Night Live sketch (which CNN analyzed)

We all know there's bias and an agenda. Journalism in the traditional sense is dead and the 2008 election kicked in the last bit of dirt of their grave. No one wants to hear Chris Matthews talk about the tingling in his leg when Obama speak or sit through Olbermann bash big business while cashing his GE backed check from MSNBC.

Just like politicians, the media needs to stop treating us like nitwits. For now, FOX does a better job of that than their competition.

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