Monday, November 30, 2009

What's Your Mission?

Borrowing from one of my Pastors (Rick) who examined how our personal gifts and God given talents present us with our own opportunities to minister to the world. Most people dismiss preaching, singing in a choir or even teaching a Sunday School class. It can be easy to miss God's will for us to spread His word to the world.

Hand Mine

For example, as I've praised on Facebook, the CTJ Hand Mime (Performing Arts) Ministry performance aims to reach beyond normal muscical interpretations and presentations.

If I randomly told you that mimes were preaching to teens, you'd think I was nuts. But it was my teens that are telling us adults about these videos. One can't argue with the results.

The Wheelchair Recycler

While not rooted in a Christian theme, The Wheelchair Recycler’s mission is to provide any means necessary to mobilize those in need. This is accomplished through recycling, refurbishing and reclaiming used electric power wheelchairs and scooters as well as other durable medical equipment.

This Mission, their Goal and Contact information is here.

The initial goals were quickly accomplished "...through the help of Spinal Cord Injury support groups and groups that deal with related disabilities, such as Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis."

Now their success has led to now challenges, like expanding. This is an amazing group:

Chris Sligh

In a recent concert, the former American Idol star relayed his testimony in choosing a record company. The large record label representative pulled out all the stops to wine and dine the artist. However, there came one caveat: no Christian songs, no mention of God etc...

Chris Sligh walked away from a greater payday to follow his faith and his heart.

What is Your Mission?

A close friend recently discussed his desire to focus on a Christian present in fishing circles. Most fishermen enjoy lots of alcohol, profanity and exchanging crude stories that aren't necessary to enjoy fishing.

So as we soul search and find our passions, the question that God is asking: what will you do with that passion? Can you bring God souls and spread His word?

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