Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Koreans still fighting

It's ashame that we have to go to the foreign press to get the news, but the Telegraph reports how the North and South Korean navies were engaged over sensitive waters.

This is days away from President Obama's tour of Asia. While it'll likely be background noise here in the US, the Obama tour has yielded a $5 billion yearly support check from the Japanese for Afghanistan.

From the Telegraph article: "The skirmish in the Yellow Sea – the first for seven years – left a North Korean patrol vessel "engulfed in flames" as it retreated back across the border under fire, according to the South Korean prime minister, Chung Un-Chan."

There are further details that reveal this was a pretty intense exchange and I'll agree with the article's comment that the North Korean leadership want the Obama visit to have a backdrop of violence and chaos.

The Telegraph also listed a history of these conflicts:




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