Monday, November 2, 2009

Limbaugh wrong to call Obama salute a photo-op

I'm no Obama fan. Read "State of the Nation" for any length of time and you'll know that. With that said, I think I've been critical and backed up my point of view as fairly as I can.

Rush Limbaugh recently spoke out against Obama who visited Dover Air Force base and was photographed saluting our fallen soldiers.

"It was a photo op precisely because he's having big-time trouble on this whole Afghanistan dithering situation." - Limbaugh

Just unfair.

How or when could the President have shown these soldiers proper respect and it WOULD NOT/COULD NOT be called a photo op?

I don't what's in the President's heart and I'm not going to debate Limbaugh on the "dithering" but sometimes things should just go unsaid. Afghanistan is a mess and well discuseed. The President's efforts at Dover, good intentioned or not, should stand on their own merit.


  1. Not that I am trying to defend Rush, but I believe that Obama is the one who lifted the ban on the media coverage of fallen soldiers coming home. That could be the reason why it was labeled a "photo op" by some people and not just Rush. President Bush attended these homecomings as well, but it was not photographed for the press as a matter of respect and focus on the soldiers themselves. When the President shows up anywhere, the focus is on HIM. The least he could've done is stopped the media coverage for that day.

  2. "The least he could've done is stopped the media coverage for that day"

    Very good point as always, thanks for the comments.