Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2nd grader sent home for drawing of Jesus on the Cross

Merry Christmas!

Please don't let your child draw a picture of their savior in our secular school system or he/she may be sent home. Sound ridiculous?

From the article:

"The boy drew the picture shortly after taking a trip with his family to see the Christmas display at the La Salette Shrine, a Christian retreat in nearby Attleboro, Massachusetts. "

The child is EXCITED and at age eight, he drew what he was excited about. If we search his portfolio we'd probably find other drawings of things that he was excited about: airplanes, dinosaurs etc....it this case, his parents should be happy their some connected so well with Christ.

But see, that's NOT Christ on the cross, the child depicted himself -- therefore, he must be disturbed. He had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to return to school.

One report claims that the "X's" on the eyes indicated violence and that was why the school raised the red flag.

Kerri Augusto, a professor of psychology and family studies at Becker College told WBZ (local media) that the school did more harm than good for the boy.

"More disturbing than the knee-jerk interpretation of this child's drawing, is the response of the school," Augusto said.

"The extreme lengths to which the administration went to 'protect' the child, resulted in punishment for the child and his/her family and shows blatant disregard for the child's social and emotional needs."



  1. Perhaps he should've drawn a picture of himself with a bomb vest on participating in Jihad to obtain his 72 virgins, then nobody would've said anything because it would be insensitive and wrong.

  2. I think you're right...well, as long as it doesn't include a cartoon likeness of Muhammed because we know that's offensive