Monday, December 14, 2009

Wasteful Spending - $950,000 to Study Ants

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Remember the first 1,000 page bill that no one in Washington read? The one that Congress didn't even author as it was later revealed that Apollo Alliance drew up.

Here's a little nugget to make your brain hurt: nearly $1 million is to be spent on Ant Research.

From the article below:

"In exchange for the $950,000, Arizona gets two jobs at ASU and 1.46 at the UA, according to a database of stimulus spending released at the end of October by the federal government.

The ant studies have the ignominious distinction of joining a $25,000 grant for socially conscious puppet shows, an $88,000 Georgia paving project for a street already recently repaved, and a $21,000 grant for "Bobber the Safety Dog" costumes to help kids understand the importance of wearing life vests."

It's so easy to get sidetracked, so let's stay focused: almost $1 million for 3.5 jobs.

Do you feel like you've just bought hundreds of $300 hammers and a few dozen over priced toilet seats?

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