Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We need to vote the Judge, the Economist & Dr No in 2012

We are in an unprecedented time in our history. Thousand page bills, midnight votes by Congress, record spending all lead the headlines nearly everyday. Unprecedented trials require unprecedented solutions and the survey showing the "Tea Party Movement" ahead of both the Democratic and Republican parties shines the light to lead us.

There have been no announcements by any of these individuals. This is just my posturing as facts are reviewed and individual strengths are analyzed.

People aren't flocking to support Republicans in spite of their anger towards the liberal leadership of the Democrats and this is because Republicans betrayed the public trust time and time again.

John F. Kennedy's famous quote: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for country.

Maybe it's time to recruit rather than wait.

No longer are politicians, especially from Congress, the best suited to be President of the United States. We need vision, guidance and most importantly, we need to return to the ideals and mandates in the Constitution.

Across the landscape, there are few clearer voices than Judge Andrew Napolitano. Ron Paul's message has been proven correct time and time again, yet he's been marginalized by the press and Congress. Unfortunately, that reputation and his age would probably hinder an election bid in 2012.

"The Judge" however, is articulate and a clear constitutionalist. Glenn Beck's greatest contribution is not on FOX or his radio show, it was the Tea Party Movement and the 9/12 Project which engaged folks across America to embrace the Constitution and the greatness of our founders.

Normally a Presidential candidate waits for their nomination before announcing a Vice President running mate, but here we need a "slight breach of etiquette" (to quote one of my favorite movies) and appoint Dr. Walt E. Williams.

Williams, the George Mason economist, would probably announce my insanity with such a proclamation; however, the economy has to be turned around RIGHT NOW and Dr. Williams could be key to that process. With a ticket clearly defined to the American people, the organizers like Beck could harness the energy to drive success.

The empty suits headlining the Republican candidates will quote Reagan and provide the same old talking points.

Talking is over.

We need vision.

Sarah Palin needs to take her energy into Congress and lead from there, not the White House. The greatest minds we have like Thomas Woods and Ron Paul need to be part of a team that rival our founders not quiver in their shadows.

Judge America. Judge this administration with frivolous promises of Hope and Change. Judge the economy and the skyrocketing unemployment. Judge America.

Then Vote Judge in 2012.






  1. Well done Brandon. I never realized that age could be such a large factor in a Presidential race. The fact that a person is not a good candidate due to their age seems to symbolize the pop culture and self centeredness that is thrown at us every day. To me, with age comes experience and insight. Your post here was very powerful and I am in support of a better, smarter, more fiscally conservative government.

  2. I don't have a problem with Ron Paul's age, but socially it's a hurdle I don't know he could overcome. The 20-30 year old group really connected with Obama's youth and his campaign's engagement of the social media.

    I'd love to see Paul part of any cabinet to fix this bloated government.