Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Job Creation without the Know How?

Last week Forbes examined the job crisis and plans for "tax credits for hiring new workers, increased public sector employment bills, hundreds of billions in new stimulus" -- see full article here.

The one aspect of the Forbes column was the cabinet members' experience in the private sector reflected their experience at job creation, generating profit and running a business.

The results are shocking: the Obama administration has minimal experience in the private sector. Less than 10% of the cabinet have this experience, including the President himself.

Our news stations are following the post-9/11 agenda from the Bush administration - go spend all will work itself out. Every other month the unemployment figures are reported as "better than expected" and members of the White House announce how the US is recovering.

I don't have a method to verify the Forbes article but it's clear that President Obama has been no friend to the private sector. Bailout and Stimulus solutions are friends of the government and have not yielded job growth (or the mysterious jobs saved calculation)

Administrations need a balance of expertice from various industries and 90% of our current leaders don't have any of that experience so their mistakes shouldn't surprise us.

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