Saturday, December 19, 2009

Parenting War: Ban on iCarly

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Miranda Cosgrove has risen to fame as the younger sister on "Drake & Josh" and now her own show: "iCarly" and this show is extremely popular.

The show follows two girls and a boy who produce a regular web video program, similar to YouTube, called iCarly.The characters revel in their pseudo-Fame as an excuse for daily antics in school or their personal lives which drives a back story to the perennial webcast.

While the theme of friendship is apparent and there are efforts to send a message, there are also several incidents and language that you don't want your child emulating.

No longer in my house.

Recently, the friend, Sam (blonde) is advising Carly's brother on how to lie more efficiently. Great topic for a kid's show.

The characters on this show treat each other horribly. Is this based on how they kids behave in the real world or is it perpetuating the problem?

One episode of iCarly, Sam isn't allowed to insult Freddie all week, unless she wants to pay him $5 an insult. As soon as Sam has some money:

Sam: You smell like feet. *gives him $5*
Freddie:*smiles, takes money*
Sam: If you were a country, you'd be El Salvadork. *gives another $5*
Freddie: *still smiling, takes the money*
Sam: Have I made fun of your butt yet?
Freddie: No.
Sam: It's oddly shaped. *gives $5*
Sam: No girl will ever want you. *gives $5*

Emmy worthy yes?

Sam is constantly getting into trouble, blaming others (usually Freddie) and her rude and cruel behavior hasn't gotten the show shut off from my the television.

When you hear the seven-year-old introducing or calling each other "doof", "Bubble Butt" (nickname for one of their teachers), referencing "pimples on their butt", putting spaghetti in their pants, you can trace it back to this show.

Carly: You're in trouble.
Sam: Who has urine trouble.


Sam Puckett: Those Dingo people are dead!
Carly Shay: What are we gonna do?
Sam Puckett: We're gonna go find 'em and kick 'em in their dingoes!

Carly: [doorbell rings] There's the doorbell.
Sam: Smells like your grandad.
Sam: [turns to Freddy] You smell like garbage.
Freddy: Your butt's shaped like a ham.

Let's not ignore that great messages the show sends:

Sam Puckett: [crying] I don't like working! I don't know how people do it. It's horrible! Th-they don't let you sleep, or watch TV, or go online, and they expect you to be nice to all the customers! And I'm not even allowed to eat the chili. Do you know what it's like to be me, surrounded by giant pots of chili and not allowed to eat it?

Some stuff I found researching for this:

On the episode of iCarly when Freddy is afraid that Sam is going to "get him back", and about all the first kiss junk. When Sam was about to throw Spencer the football, I looked across the hallway at the number of Freddy's apartment, and it says 8=D.

Infamous iCarly "hobknocker" controversy, which was said on the show:

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  1. I understand your concern for your kids but its not technically a show for younger children. Nicks target here is the 10-14 demographic. To many teenagers this is just average everyday humor.

    the 8==D might be a little too much, though. i cant believe it wasn't pulled

  2. Oh, wow, you're digging too into this. It's a freakin TV show. And the 8=D isn't supposed to be dirty. It's just your gross mind that made it like that, sicko. It's a smiley face emoticon, and there is nothing wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with this show. It's hilarious, and if you have a problem with it, I have a problem with you.

  3. I hate this show and all of the back-biting humor. The Sam character is so mean and devoid of any qualities of a decent human being. Dan Schnider the creator of this show and others on Nick should be tossed. All of his shows feature talentless actors cashing in on Nick's popularity. I'm not a big fan of Disney channel shows, but at least the acting is decent and the characters are more likeable and less crude.

  4. People is stupid :)

    Is your work teach your childrens about what's should be correct or not, not the TV ;)

    And the target isn't little kids, this show is for teens. I'm 18 and I haven't problems for watch iCarly since 2008 ;)