Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ocean Acidification is the new Buzzword

What was once "global cooling" was soon so scientifically invalid it was rebranded with the reactionary "global warming" that has turned into hysteria. Of course, again the science poses a burden to the agenda as the last decade has cooled, so "Climate Change" was the new tagline.

As many know, with the Climategate e-mails destroying the credibility of the top IPCC, UN and International scientists, the spin machine rolls on with the latest revamping: ocean acidification.

One can already find articles on the topic: The Tucsoncitizen.com, Mongabay.com, and even from the Copenhagen summit itself (Read here)

The name has or will be changed, but the agenda will be the same: create hysteria using extreme conditions in computer models to announce that mankind is destroying the earth. We must then spend billions on research to confirm these nearsighted claims and have the UN penalize the wealthy countries causing the problem while redistributing the funds to impoverished nations.

Maurice Strong, one of the leaders in this conspiracy is now in China (surprise!) despite ties to all of these bogus assertions, conferences and even the "Food for Oil" scandal. Strong is on the Board of Directors at the Chicago Climate Exchange (Chicago?) and is the close ally to Al Gore to push this agenda for their financial benefits.

Maurice Strong...China...Chicago and the budding new term "Ocean Acidification" -- you are now up to date, so let the emails begin.


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